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Through the Lens: Evolution, "What About Transitional Forms?" (Standard Definition)

By Fazale Rana - July 23, 2013

Discussion Ideas

Before watching the video:

  • The issue of "transitional forms" in the fossil record is a key evidence for biological evolution given in conventional biology textbooks. For this reason, it would be beneficial to expose students to this important issue from a Christian worldview.
  • Background research: Have students look up examples of "transitional forms" in their biology textbooks. What is a transitional form (come up with a working definition)? What is it supposed to demonstrate?
  • Background research: Look up information about Sir Richard Owen and his work on analogies and homologies. What did he see these as evidence of?

After the video:

  • Ask: Summarize Dr. Rana's position about "transitional forms." In his view, does it prove evolution? Why not?
  • Research: Look up a recent discovery of a "transitional form" that's been in the news. What creatures is this supposed to be a transition between? How might this data be understood from the standpoint of common design vs. common descent?
  • Additional resource: Listen to the following podcast of Dr. Rana's analysis about the early emergence of four-legged animals.
  • Teacher Resource: Tetrapod Transitions: Evidence for Design (article by Dr. Rana)

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