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Multiverse Musings - Summary of the Discussion to Date

By Jeff Zweerink - February 27, 2008

Since May 2007, I have been regularly addressing the subject of multiverse models. To recap, I’d like to summarize the various previous topics covered on this subject. Additionally, I would like to know what multiverse questions and issues concern you.

The “Multiverse Musings” series began by defining some multiverse terminology, and then described how a spatially infinite (or even very large) Level I multiverse affects various design arguments. The next discussion outlined several philosophical objections to physical infinities.

After describing how scientists use the cosmic microwave background to measure cosmological parameters, the succeeding entries each highlighted a different bizarre question arising from multiverse models:

  1. Do multiple copies of me making slightly different choices exist?
  2. Do random processes spontaneously pop sentient beings briefly into existence?
  3. Are we just part of a highly complex, but unreal, simulation?

Most recently, I discussed how multiverse models impact the most powerful, scientifically relevant argument for God’s existence: the cosmological argument.

The articles above provide an introductory overview to what I consider the most relevant issues regarding the multiverse. As I continue to fill in more details, I am interested to know about your multiverse questions and concerns. Please forward them to multiverse@reasons.org.

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