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More SDSS/WMAP Evidence for Finely Tuned Dark Energy

By Hugh Ross - April 30, 2007

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Detailed analyses of the latest astrophysical observations continue to provide evidence buttressing the immense fine-tuning exhibited by the universe. Type Ia supernovae (exploding stars) provided the first evidence for the exquisitely fine-tuned dark energy (a.k.a. space-energy density or vacuum energy), but correlations of the galaxy clustering with the cosmic microwave background radiation fluctuations provide some of the strongest evidence for its existence. Recently, a team of Spanish scientists studied these correlations as a function of redshift and found their behavior to match the predictions derived from a case where the dark energy is constant over time. Not only do these results confirm the presence of dark energy, but they also confirm the fine-tuning required to match theoretical calculations with the observed value. Such fine-tuning comports well with the idea of a supernatural Designer fashioning a universe capable of supporting life.

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