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Course Materials

The following packages are available for the Good Science, Good Faith course.

This one-year, self-study course is available in different configurations that you can customize depending on your specific needs.

The "Basic Package" is available for independent at-home study. Parents supervise their student’s learning at home with minimal supervision.

The "Basic Package" includes step-by-step instructions, a student workbook, all audio lectures, most video lectures, as well as detailed lecture outlines so students can follow along. An answer key and final exam are also included.


A "Supplemental Media Package" of textbooks and DVDs must be purchased through Reasons To Believe to complete the curriculum. We have bundled these resources together for a discounted price. Or, they can be purchased individually.


Individual items:

  • Understanding Creation (textbook)
  • Evolution (DVD) (Students will need episodes 1 and 7 from this series. Individual episodes of this program are available for rent through Netflix.com and Blockbuster.com [subscriptions required]. Many public libraries also have episodes available for rent. The entire series can be purchased through retail vendors such as Amazon.com.)
  • Inherit the Wind (DVD) (1960s version starring Spencer Tracy; Available for sale through Amazon.com. Rentals are available through Blockbuster.com or Netflix.com [subscriptions required]. Many local public libraries also have this movie available for rent.)

The "Complete Course Package" includes both the "Basic Package" and the "Supplemental Media Package" at 20% off the retail price.


The Good Science, Good Faith curriculum can be incorporated into family and group learning environments. Here is the combination of materials that you will need for these situations.

Basic Package - The "Basic Package" will provide the instructor with a copy of a student workbook, all audio lectures, most of the video lectures, as well as detailed lecture outlines. An answer key and final exam are also included.

Supplemental Media Package - The "Supplemental Media Package" will provide one copy of each textbook, as well as the remaining lecture DVDs that can be used for classroom viewing.

Additional students will need to purchase the following items directly from Reasons To Believe:

  • Understanding Creation (textbook)

If you experience any difficulties placing your order or have additional questions, don't hesitate to call our Customer Service team at (800) 482-7836 between 8 AM - 5 PM PT. They will be happy to help you.

For more information about the Good Science, Good Faith program, call (800) 482-7836 or email us at learning@reasons.org.

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