Reasons to Believe

Weekly Digest - November 20, 2015

Keeping You Current

View these recent articles to find encouragement for your faith, marvel at the truly miraculous story of humanity and our home, and understand why people walk away with different conclusions when looking at the same facts. These topics are not only important to ponder, but also provide a great place to start conversations with your community.

Today's New Reason to Believe — "Is Earth Really an Early Bird?" by Jeff Zweerink
(published 11/16/15)

  • If humans represent the crown jewel of God's creation, why did it take billions of years for us to come into the picture?

Today's New Reason to Believe — "Do Self-Replicating Protocells Actually Undermine the Evolutionary Theory?" by Fazale Rana
(published 11/12/15)

  • It's remarkable to think that two people can examine the same facts and arrive at vastly different conclusions, yet this is what's happening as people interpret advances in synthetic biology.

Reflections — "A Church's Hospitality Has Power to Persuade" by Kenneth Samples
(published 11/17/15)

  • People, and maybe especially non-Christians, want to find a place where they are genuinely welcomed.