Reasons to Believe

Weekly Digest - November 20, 2015

God At Work through You

What can parents do when their bug-loving preschooler grows into a serious science student? Send him or her to us! Thanks to generous partnership with friends like you, Reasons to Believe launched The Lab this past summer, a mentoring program for students preparing for careers in science, mathematics, engineering, and medical research. Jeff Zweerink and Katie Galloway—along with Hugh Ross and Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts—spent three days with high school and college students, helping them integrate their faith with their scientific interests and also equipping them to become missionaries within their schools and eventual professions. Lab students enjoyed group discussions on what it's like to be a Christian research scientist. The program allowed time for questions about integrating science and Scripture and included breakout sessions to address both life sciences and physical sciences, plus a visit to Griffith Observatory.

For many students, connecting with new friends who shared similar passions was a highlight. One student said the time was "enjoyable, necessary, and enlightening." Another reported The Lab as being pivotal to saving his faith. A third student described the event's impact this way:

God's creation is a beautiful thing and the most interesting part about it is that He wants us to explore and find out more about it. I loved the reference to [doubting] Thomas because God did show him the truth, when he asked to be shown.

Parents participated in separate sessions where they learned how to support their child's educational journey and foster their questions. One mother shared that she "appreciated advice on how to prepare the students to maintain their spiritual life upon entering college."

We are deeply grateful to everyone whose prayers and gifts made The Lab a reality and touched the lives of so many young people. We plan to make The Lab a regular event and, through it, we hope to connect with more young people who will help shape the future. Plans for The Lab 2016 (July 14–16) are already underway. Visit for more information and to apply.