Reasons to Believe

Weekly Digest - November 13, 2015

Keeping You Current

In these recent articles from RTB, you'll read about how people show courage in the face of different adversity, marvel at how God kept our planet from becoming an iceball, and learn facts about snakes that will leave you in awe of our Creator God!

Today’s New Reason to Believe – "How Earth Has Avoided an Iceball Catastrophe" by Hugh Ross (published 11/05/15)

  • "While on the icefield, I recognized that without the grace and meticulous design of the Creator God of the Bible our entire planet would be covered in ice, and advanced life would have been impossible."

Reflections – "The Many Faces of Courage" by Kenneth Samples (published 11/02/15)

  • "It is not always easy to stand strong for one's beliefs, but it is especially challenging when you are in the minority. Various Christians throughout history and even today have exhibited such intellectual fortitude."

Today’s New Reason to Believe – "Genetics Discovery in Snakes Adds Legs to the Case for Creation" by Fazale Rana (published 11/09/15)

  • "But what if these enhancer sequences are functional? If they have utility, then it opens up the possibility of interpreting it as a shared design feature between snakes and lizards."