Reasons to Believe

Weekly Digest - November 13, 2015

God At Work Through You

Do you ever think of viruses as “interesting”? RTB visiting scholar Dr. Anjeanette "AJ" Roberts certainly does, and we're so grateful that support from friends like you will help to bring her on board. She has an insatiable appetite for truth seeking and remarkable expertise in her field. Her energy is contagious, and it provides synergy for thought on things we don't usually ponder, namely viruses. Although we cannot see viruses with the naked eye, they are everywhere...but did you know they are responsible for monumental activities throughout human history and earlier, too? Take a moment to get to know Dr. Roberts and explore some of the exciting RTB videos and articles she has already produced. And look for more in months to come!

Through the centuries, scientists, theologians, and other thinkers have dedicated their lives to finding truth, and Dr. Anjeanette "AJ" Roberts fits this tradition. As a visiting scholar at Reasons to Believe, AJ has brought her training as a virologist and her passion for the truth found in both science and Scripture to the science-faith discussion. With a PhD in molecular and cell biology from the University of Pennsylvania, AJ integrates her scientific endeavors with her MA in Christian apologetics from Biola University, encouraging people to contemplate the question Pilate put to Christ, "What is truth?"

You can get a taste of AJ's passion for truth through her contributions to RTB's YouTube video library, Today's New Reason to Believe, and Reflections.