Reasons to Believe

Weekly Digest - November 13, 2015

Equipping Corner

When we reflect on our personal origin, we call to mind family stories of our birth as well as our own memories of the people and events that shaped who we've become. Today we want to help you explore two much older origin stories, without which our own stories would not exist: the emergence of life on Earth and the creation of the human soul.

Meet Fazale Rana
Biochemist Fazale "Fuz" Rana shares how science helped bring him to faith in Jesus Christ. This is the perfect DVD to share with family and friends to introduce them to the work of Dr. Rana and Reasons to Believe. This resource is your gift with a donation of any amount in November/December 2015.

"The Origin of the Human Soul"
In this 4-part series of Reflections articles, Kenneth Samples describes his understanding of Scripture's teaching concerning humanity’s union of body and soul and evaluates three theological views concerning the origin of the human soul.

Origins of Life
Biochemist Fazale Rana and astronomer Hugh Ross present a model that shows how perspectives on first life's beginnings can be tested—as a creation event—with astounding results. Rana and Ross challenge the myth that scientific evidence supports naturalistic theories and show how research corroborates a transcendent Creator who formed and nurtured the initial life-forms—and more.