Reasons to Believe

Patricia Babin
Visiting Scholar Dates: JanuaryDecember 2011

Patricia (Fanning) Babin is an RNA biochemist with a PhD from North Carolina State University and is a former consultant for software companies.


‘Junk’ DNA: An Outdated Concept, Part 1 (of 6) ‘Junk’ DNA: An Outdated Concept, Part 2 (of 6) ‘Junk’ DNA: An Outdated Concept, Part 3 (of 6) Junk’ DNA: An Outdated Concept, Part 4 (of 6) ‘Junk’ DNA: An Outdated Concept, Part 5 (of 6) ‘Junk’ DNA: An Outdated Concept, Part 6 (of 6) Understated Elegance: The Uniqueness of Human Biology FOXP2: A Gene to Remember Becoming Human—Fast! Order vs. Chaos Timing Is Everything Bioinformatics and a Literal Adam and Eve Hidden in Plain Sight Genomic Data, the Fossil Record, and Bioinformatics TNRTB Classic: Bioinformatics and a Literal Adam and Eve Assumptions, Circular Reasoning, and a Literal Adam and Eve


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