Reasons to Believe

Mark Perez
Visiting Scholar Dates: August 2015Present

Mark Perez earned a BA in philosophy and an MA in analytic philosophy of science from California State University, Los Angeles, as well as an MA in public administration, with an emphasis on organizational development, from American Military University. After 36 years in law enforcement, including 15 years as a police executive, and Mark retired from the Los Angeles Police Department as a deputy chief of police.

Mark has taught critical thinking and problem solving in the government sector, primarily to managers, and has made presentations on apologetics and critical thinking to church groups and other Christian organizations. He continues teaching critical thinking and performance improvement to police managers and also does private consulting for legal teams on police conduct and management.

For over 15 years, Mark has worked closely with RTB in a variety of roles, including volunteer apologist, president of the RTB Los Angeles, CA Chapter, and regular instructor of the Critical Thinking Skills course for Reasons Institute and Hope International University. Most recently, Mark has served as a local visiting scholar at RTB headquarters. His primary interests are developing resources to improve the critical thinking skills of Christians, applying philosophy of science to the enterprise of Christian apologetics, and providing lay-accessible explanations on how Christianity and science harmonize.