Reasons to Believe

Katie Galloway
Visiting Scholar Dates: JulyAugust 2013

Dr. Katie Galloway received her PhD in chemical engineering with a minor in biology from California Institute of Technology in 2012. While at Caltech she focused on synthetic biology and systems biology and building synthetic genetic circuits that control cellular decision-making. In 2011, she was one of only three graduate students awarded the Caltech Everhart Lecture and, in 2013, her work was published in Science. Currently, Dr. Galloway serves as a NIH NRSA postdoctoral fellow at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles where she works on converting skin cells into neurons to study neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Galloway has also been a mentor for The Lab, RTB’s student mentoring program.


“Ask the Animals and They Will Teach You” “Internet Too Slow? We’ll Get Some Bees Right on That!” “How to Get a Grip and Not Get Stuck: A Gecko’s Story” “Holy Fish Armor, Batman!” “Evolvability: A Good Design Principle” “Get Smart about Synthetic Spider Silks” “Circuits, Circles, and Clocks” “Biology’s Morse Code” “Want to Know How to Eat a Balanced Diet on the Go? Ask Slime” “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” “The Road Less Traveled Is Not for Ants” “Reclaiming Reason from Atheism”


Straight Thinking: “Christianity and the Life of the Mind” I Didn’t Know That!: “What Did Adam and Eve Eat?; Space-time Boundaries: The Point of No Return; Is There a God Gene?” I Didn’t Know That!: “Unlikely Telomere Tango; The Gravity ‘God’; Insight into Speciation” I Didn’t Know That!: “Why Don’t Humans Lay Eggs?; Did Paul Renounce Spiritual Gifts?; What Were the Nephilim?” I Didn’t Know That!: “Rapidly Disappearing Species?; Is Prenatal Gender Change Possible?; Why Not Theistic Evolution?” I Didn’t Know That!: “Explaining ‘Flawed’ Designs in Nature; Why Aren’t There Different Human Species?; When Do Our Souls Arrive in Heaven?” I Didn’t Know That!: “Ancient Dental Hygiene?; Do Humans Have a Heart-Brain?; Did Artic Activity Spark Biological Explosions?” I Didn’t Know That!: “Clarifying Death before the Fall; Genetic Defects in Adam and Eve’s Offspring?; Having Faith in Distorted Scripture?”


“Changing Our Gene Expression” “Genetic Destiny”