Reasons to Believe

Jefrey Breshears
Visiting Scholar Dates: August 2013

Jefrey Breshears earned his PhD in history at Georgia State University. He stayed on at Georgia State and taught history, philosophy, and religion. He later taught the same subjects at Kennesaw State and Reformed Theological Seminary. For several years, Jefrey also pastored Marietta Community Church.

In the early 1980s he cofounded Crossroads: An Atlanta Christian Forum, a publication that focused on religious issues and events in the Atlanta area. In 1999, Jefrey began teaching courses in Christian history and apologetics to churches in the metro-Atlanta area. In 2003, he founded the Aréopagus, a Christian study center and education ministry that offers seminars and forums in Christian history, apologetics, contemporary cultural issues, science-related issues, and literature, and the arts.