Reasons to Believe

Gavin Ortlund
Visiting Scholar Dates: February–May 2017

Gavin Ortlund holds a PhD in historical theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, an MDiv from Covenant Theological Seminary, and a BA in philosophy and religion from the University of Georgia. He is the author of numerous academic articles in journals such as International Journal of Systematic Theology and Modern Theology and has authored several books, including Ascending toward the Beatific Vision: Heaven as the Climax of Anselm’s Proslogion (Brill). He is also a popular blogger and writes regularly for sites like The Gospel Coalition and Desiring God, as well as his personal blog, Soliloquium.

Gavin is an ordained minister in the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference and served for six years on staff at Sierra Madre Congregational Church, where he met and became friends with Hugh Ross. Gavin has a passion for making the Christian faith clear and compelling for all different kinds of people.