Reasons to Believe

Through the Lens: Astronomy, "Searching for Other Earths" (Standard Definition)

Discussion Ideas

Before watching the video:

  • Activity: Look up the term "habitable zone." (This will be discussed further in the video clip.)
  • Activity: Research why astronomers focus on looking for planets with water.

After the video:

  • Discuss: Even though a planet is located in a "habitable zone" or had water at some point in the past, does that automatically mean we should expect to find life on it? Why or why not?
  • Activity: Download the free "Exoplanet" app from iTunes. Explore the variety of planets currently known to scientists. Note their differences in size, density, and other parameters.

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Subjects: Educators/Homeschoolers, Extrasolar Planets, Habitable Planets, Youth