Reasons to Believe

Through the Lens

Through the Lens is a growing library of supplemental science videos focused on addressing the issues your student will tackle in the course of their scientific studies.

Reasons To Believe’s scholars lead students through a series of discussions on critical scientific topics. These 10-minute videos are compatible with any curriculum – secular or Christian. Each episode is enhanced by discussion questions and a short lesson plan. This resource can be used to supplement traditional science textbooks and provide a starting point for discussions with students about science-faith issues. They are designed to be used by homeschoolers and classroom educators.

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    Astronomy (2012)

Dr. Jeff Zweerink addresses scientific discoveries that are often presented as challenges to the Christian faith.
  • "The Bible and the Big Bang" SD | HD
  • "Fine-Tuning of the Universe" – Coming soon!
  • "Fine-Tuning of the Space-Time Dimensions" SD | HD
  • "The Right Sun" SD | HD
  • "4 Ways to Find an Exoplanet" SD | HD
  • "Habitable Zones" SD | HD
  • "Searching for Other Earths" SD | HD
  • "Gas Giants" SD | HD
  • "What Is the Multiverse?" SD | HD

    Evolution (2013)

Dr. Fazale "Fuz" Rana equips Christian students to respond to the most common concerns about biological evolution.
  • "What Is Evolution?" SD | HD
  • "Microevolution" SD | HD
  • "A Closer Look at Chemical Evolution" (The Origin of Life) SD | HD
  • "Why Does Science Leave God Out?" (methodological naturalism) SD | HD
  • "Creating Life in the Lab" SD | HD
  • "Sudden Appearance of Fossils" SD | HD
  • "What About Transitional Forms?" SD | HD
  • "Birds in the Fossil Record" SD | HD
  • "Homology" SD | HD
  • "Hominids and Neanderthals" – SD | HD
  • "Adam and Eve" – SD | HD