Reasons to Believe

Pursue a career in science and strengthen your faith.

The Lab is RTB's elite 3-day mentoring program for students.

Hear from students who attended The Lab 2016.

I will be a freshman in college studying biology. I grew up in a Christian environment, so my faith was never really challenged, but I expect that to start happening soon. Many of the discussions altered my views positively, connecting faith and scientific fact. I feel it has helped me develop my life views, connecting science and faith. Being a scientist, I need to know why and Reasons to Believe has made the seemingly opposing ideas coexist peacefully in a way that makes sense.

Rachel S., recent high school graduate

The Lab showed me that I could integrate my faith as well as defend it in front of my colleagues. I can now continue in my career with the knowledge that my faith and my field are not contradictory. The Goliath of naturalism has been reduced to an approachable concept after years of having my faith questioned by atheist/agnostic classmates. I can’t describe the relief I have.

Samantha J., college student

I have learned so much from this program The Lab. This has helped me and others gain an understanding for uncertain questions that many of us have. Reasons to Believe has helped me gain peace in my mind in topics relating to science and faith.

Phillip T., high school student

I am so blessed by the opportunity to attend The Lab. It has given me new confidence that the Christian faith is a reasonable faith and has spurred a greater desire in me to explore the wonderful creation that God has made. The interactions with the scholars has grounded me in the realization that it is possible to be a Christian research scientist.

Kate P., student

The Lab radically changed both my interest in science as well as my confidence in the strength of Christianity. I have loved science for as long as I can remember and have always reconciled it with my faith as simply saying that God can do whatever he wants, which while that is true is a poor argument. I am happy to say that now, I will be far better prepared for any discussions I have in the future.

Zane P., student

The Lab has blessed me immensely and it couldn’t have happened without your support. I have been overwhelmingly inspired by the scholar team and their lectures, as well as touched by God’s apparent love and concern for my future. I appreciate your selfless gifts as if it were to me personal.

Audrey L., high school student

Hear from the parents.

I have two children who were able to attend and they both benefitted in so many ways. My college-age son was inspired by the lessons cosmology and astrophysics and my high school age daughter better learned how to reconcile Scripture with the fossil record. Both were given great apologetic teaching and practical how-tos to share their faith with peers and professors. I know that The Lab changed and challenged them both and will impact them as they pursue the educational and life path that God is leading them on.

Kristee P., parent

It’s hard to put in words what the impact [of The Lab] is, and will be, to me and my daughter. And as a result of our attendance at this conference, we will have opportunities to impact others, in ways, I pray, that will bring glory to God.

I earned my MS in geological engineering in 1985 and became a Christian shortly after. For many years, I focused on learning how to be a Christian wife and person rather than a Christian scientist. The questions about science and how to reconcile them with the Bible came to me slowly and I sought answers from as many sources as I could. Many times I didn’t get answers and many times I got inadequate answers. I thank God that at some point (about 10 years ago I think) He led me to this ministry. This is where I have gotten answers that make sense. This is where my faith has been strengthened.

My daughter has recently expressed great interest in brain research and ultimately helping with mental health issues—probably specifically with children struggling with learning difficulties. She was excited to come here to explore the science-faith connection. She has been so inspired, encouraged, and filled to overflowing! I have been given peace knowing the she now knows this ministry will be a vital resource to her. Just in these few short days, she has been taught more about critical thinking, evaluating scientific studies, and evaluating conclusions than she has in any classes she’s ever taken. She’s already saying she wants to come back next year! One of the best benefits of this conference is the focus on being careful, living witnesses and modeling that for our students and teaching them how to do it. I attended many conference over the years for engineering, geology, and for Christian ministries—but this one is by far the best! I’ve learned more and I know my daughter has been impacted for life!

Caroline L., parent