Reasons to Believe

April 2017

Ideas and Inspiration

Hugh and Kathy Ross

We hope you realize that the joy of participation with our chapters is a two-way street. Hugh’s recent interaction with the Austin chapter really drives this point home. The chance to do outreach together and then to meet for some teaching and fellowship brought us at least as much of a boost as it did the chapter. And that’s with only one of us physically present!

The two main points we highlighted for the Austin group are the same ones we want to emphasize for all of you today. First is the benefit of getting as many people as possible actively engaged in the chapter, inviting them to choose from a long list of potential job descriptions: greeting, writing name tags, setting up equipment, updating the email list, planning or preparing refreshments, facilitating discussion, proposing outreach ideas, coordinating outreach activities, and more; whatever best fits your particular setting.

Notice the focus on outreach in this list? Our second point is just that—focus on outreach, as much as on equipping. Get creative. Work in twos and threes, if that seems best, and then devote time to reporting and celebrating impact at each chapter meeting, as well as to praying for spiritual breakthroughs both inside and outside the churches and other ministries you’re part of.

We know that many of you are already partnering with Ratio Christi. So we’d like to remind you of a special opportunity. On the RTB website, in the “Education” section, you’ll see a “personal enrichment” heading. Under that tab, you’ll find “Ratio Christi Partnership.” There you can learn about our specialized training for campus directors and others—including your chapter members. You may even find a way to incorporate this training into your chapter meetings. We’d love to hear about it, if you do.