Reasons to Believe

March 2017

Cross Chapters

Chapter Member AMP Experience

Stewart Hough – RTB Fresno, CA Chapter

To anyone connected with RTB at a distance, it seems spending quality time at the ministry’s invitation is a prime way to stay current and focused while receiving a real fellowship blessing. Wonderfully, such an opportunity is offered annually by Reasons to Believe through AMP Conference.

For me, an RTB Fresno, CA Chapter member, AMP Conference reveals ministry objectives and makes me aware of new Christian outreach issues. The conference also offers opportunities to meet RTB staff members who are the hardworking backbone of the ministry. Included, of course, are the authors of the numerous books and the lecturers and presenters of instructive and inspiring video and audio teachings; namely, the critical staff scholars who keep the ministry current and relevant in a rapidly expanding mission field to a scientifically and technologically driven society and to a skeptical world.

Staying prepared for ministry in this day requires ongoing and thorough review of the plethora of religious, scientific, and philosophical advancements, publications, and pronouncements emerging continuously worldwide. It is essential to make deep and long-lasting relationships with the ministry community since regional ministry must be current and can have unique needs.

At AMP Conference, RTB chapters can network with other chapters to get to know the unique challenges they face and to share regionally generated methods, organization, and ministry ideas. Here, we come to understand other approaches and experiences, some imaginatively unique, others more familiar, and can exchange ideas and commiserate over challenges and ministry concerns.

Attending AMP Conference could be, as the cliché says—like drinking from a firehose. There’s so much to take in—from the conference talks on a wealth of relevant topics to interaction with exhibitors, from reconnecting with old friends to making new ones. It is so inspiring and educational to attend AMP Conference. Overall, it has helped me understand all that the Lord is desiring to accomplish through Reasons to Believe, through me, and through so many attendees.