Reasons to Believe

March 2017

A Creation vs. Evolution Conversation “Tool Kit”

Kathy Ross

“Just as no single tool can be used to remodel a house, no single argument can be used to make a compelling case for a Creator.” —Fazale Rana

RTB’s latest video release, How to Build the Case for Biochemical Design, provides a tool kit that even a nonscientist such as I can put to good use. It’s both understandable and memorable, two major pluses. And it touches on a topic we might call “the always hot topic”—creation vs. evolution.

A brief article summarizing Fuz’s four key points appears in the March/April issue of Reasons newsletter—along with information about Reasons Institute’s “Advanced Seminar on the Origin of Life,” to be offered this summer. Fuz’s practical article prompted me to jot down four points on a card I keep in my purse or pocket, available for review whenever I’m waiting in line at the dentist’s office or grocery store. Here are the four: (1) Gently raise questions about evolution, (2) Refer to Paley’s famous “Watchmaker” argument, (3) Point to the evidence from attempts to build life in the lab, and (4) Focus on examples of bioinspiration (nature’s designs copied by today’s engineers).

What I’d like to announce specifically for you, our chapter leaders, is the availability of a discussion guide to accompany the DVD. Our team has developed a set of questions you can use to facilitate a lively and engaging chapter meeting. Once you’ve put this guide to use in your chapter, some members may want to give it a go in other contexts, such as a Bible study, small group, Sunday School class, youth group, or perhaps a neighborhood outreach. And you’ll be well prepared for personal conversations on the topic, too.

The companion discussion guide is included in each copy of Fuz’s new DVD, your gift for a donation of any amount in March or April. Please let Bryan know how your chapter makes use of this new tool kit.