Reasons to Believe

February 2017

A Message from Hugh Ross

Cruising and Conferring for Christ

Hugh Ross

“I don’t do cruises.” That’s how I responded the first time someone suggested to me that Reasons to Believe could combine a conference with a cruise. My vision of cruising was based on multiple misperceptions, not on reality. So I’m thankful for the more experienced travelers who helped change my initial response.

What I experienced during that first conference aboard a cruise ship permanently altered my perspective. As it turns out, there’s something wonderful about the opportunity to share an adventure with both old friends and new (no reference to age here), to enjoy extended conversations interspersed with learning sessions, to go on fun excursions, and to experience times of reflection. I also found that Alaska’s awesome scenery readily inspires worship of our Creator! The ability to see and do something different every day without having to pack, unpack, or figure out where to go for meals represents a huge plus.

Interacting with your fellow chapter leaders and members, including those from other parts of the country—even other continents—can be especially refreshing and encouraging. The chance to exchange ideas and compare notes has proved meaningful to many on our past trips. My fellow scholars and I particularly value hearing from you about the questions and challenges you face and the ideas you’re considering as a way to address them. The cruise provides an occasion for collaboration as well as for celebration of what God has done and is doing in and through your chapter.

Ken Hultgren describes the cruise conference as “vacation with a purpose.” I agree, and I hope you and your fellow chapter participants will come along on this summer’s Alaska adventure.

Don’t miss out on the RTB Alaska Cruise Conference! Hear new talks from our scholars and engage with the RTB team.