Reasons to Believe

January 2017

A Message from Hugh and Kathy

One Big Motivation for AMP

Hugh and Kathy Ross

We’ll never forget his dramatic change of expression at the mention of one word.

A board member had invited us to lunch with an acquaintance of his, a man who’d previously shown interest in supporting evangelistic outreach. Our initially warm introduction turned ice cold, however, as soon as the word “apologetics” entered the discussion about Reasons to Believe and its mission.

Like many believers, this man held a negative impression of apologetics. For him, apologetics meant trying to argue people into Christ’s kingdom by attacking others’ beliefs and ideas and putting them on the defensive. It meant arrogance, aggressiveness, and antagonism. It meant erudite philosophical debates—anything but the gentle, respectful character we’re called to exhibit when responding to people’s questions and doubts (1 Peter 3:15).

Let’s just say the table was set for a difficult conversation. And by the end of our meal, although some of his tension had eased, we had made only a minor dent in his strongly held perception. We’ve never heard from him again.

This experience depicts one of the motivations behind AMP. We Christians need to change not only the perception but also the application of apologetics, and RTB wants to lead the way. Our aim is to bring together “equippers” who use apologetics wisely and with sensitivity, always for the sake of evangelism—one of RTB’s core values. If you and fellow chapter members can possibly join us for AMP 2017, please make every effort to do so. Past participants have shared with us that the AMP experience offered practical tips for sharing their faith.

Bryan and other members of our events team are willing and available to help with any questions you may have about getting registered and making the most of your weekend here in RTB’s neighborhood.

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