Reasons to Believe

January 2017

Cross Chapters

Inside the VIP Room

Kathleen Lyon — RTB Knoxville, TN Chapter

Are you invigorated by evenhanded debate? Do you enjoy reading scientific journals or puzzling over theological questions for days, months, or even years? If so, then perhaps, like me, you suspect that there may be others like you. By God’s favor, I found my people in the rarefied atmosphere of the RTB VIP Room.

For the past two years, Hugh Ross and Fazale Rana have been included among the many well-known speakers featured at the National Conference on Christian Apologetics held each October in Charlotte, North Carolina. This year, Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts joined them in the lineup. Of course, we apologist types revel in the lectures and book tables at such events, but you can find similar presentations on YouTube or in books. The RTB VIP Room offers you the opportunity to interact face-to-face with the RTB scholars and staff, as well as other volunteer apologists—very interesting persons!

Allow me to share my experience as a VIP insider. Upon entry, I was greeted by RTB staff and donned with a tote bag filled with RTB books and regalia. Refreshments were ever available in the VIP Room, and the excellence of the brownies cannot be overstated. RTB scholars were available for hours at a time, and there were always other apologists ready to chat. Basically, I was given a nice place to hang out during the conference, conversation with like-minded people, nutritional refreshment, and RTB gifts. It was like the Delta Sky Club lounge of NCCA.

A few words of advice for those who may find themselves in a forthcoming VIP venue:

  • Ask questions. Even less-than-profound questions can start great discussions.
  • Talk about the conference sessions. Reinforce your own learning and move group conversations forward.
  • Share best practices. Provide programming and outreach ideas to assist other RTB chapters.
  • Meet and encourage the RTB scholars. Don’t assume that you have nothing to offer them.
  • Strategically leverage your time in the VIP Room. Make plans to follow up with new RTB friends online or at other events.

Don’t leave the conference without having engaged with the larger RTB community. Meet and be met. Give and receive. Know and be known.