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In His Time

Christmas holds entirely new meaning for Bob and Martha. More than just a lovely winter holiday, Christmas now is a jubilant celebration of Jesus' birth-not just in Bethlehem, but also in their hearts. Here's how this change came about.

More than 30 years ago, their daughter became of a follower of Christ. That was fine for her. As for themselves, they were good people, good parents, good citizens-with no particular interest in Christianity. They were pleased when their daughter married a bright young man with a doctorate in physical chemistry. A little surprised that one so well educated shared their daughter's faith, they certainly respected his character and intelligence.

Soon Bob and Martha began receiving gifts from Gene and Martha (same name as her mom) from an organization called Reasons To Believe. First came some tapes, then some Today's New Reason to Believe articles. Their interest was mildly piqued. In time, they began to observe and appreciate how God has revealed himself in nature. Within the intricacies of nature they began to recognize evidence for the truth of the Bible. Their kids showed them how the Bible points to Jesus Christ.

Bob and Martha went to visit their daughter and Gene during the Christmas season of 2003. Together they took a scenic road trip to Estes Park, Colorado. Along the way they listened to RTB's 2003 Messages of the Month. These tapes sparked some in-depth discussions about spiritual matters.

On Christmas Eve, the four attended a candlelight service at Gene and Martha's church. With one candle burning in the darkened sanctuary, the pastor shared how each person needs the light of Christ transferred to his or her own life. He invited those who were ready to receive Jesus Christ into their lives to come forward and light their candles with the main candle. Nearly 30 years of hoping, praying, and sharing had led to this moment. Bob and Martha took the step of faith, lit their candles, and bowed before their Savior for the first time.

Each year now, Gene and Martha's gift of Message of the Month helps Bob and Martha grow in their walk with Christ. Each month both couples listen to the message, then talk together about what they've heard. These conversations, they say, have enriched their relationships with each other and with God.

What It's All About

A story from Bruce of Louisiana

A few years ago, a nurse working in the radiology department where I'm a physician shared her dismay at the difficult questions her husband was asking-questions for which she had no answers. Her husband, a fellow radiologist working at a nearby hospital, raised all the classic skeptic's challenges. I offered to meet with him, but he declined. So I told her to send him to RTB's Web site.

Six weeks later, when I returned to the hospital from a tour of duty at a sister hospital, I heard some incredible news. The nurse had gone home that Friday night after we talked and told her husband about She also told him I dared him to check it out, to read answers from science to all his tough questions. The next day she worked late, but when she arrived home her husband was still up and very much awake. He had already devoured the contents of RTB's Web site and was now reading the Bible. He stayed up all that night and continued all the next day reading Scripture. He plowed through all 66 books in twenty-four hours! Sunday evening when his wife came home, he asked her to kneel and pray with him to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. What amazing news! I shouted to the heavens. Now, just a few years later, this doctor has moved to west Texas, where he has started a church!

Message of the Month

Do you want to keep pace with what's happening at the forefront of the science-faith debate? Join Message of the Month (MOM) for 2007! As a MOM member you'll receive 12 intriguing, inspiring talks, one per month, via CD or MP3. Listen wherever and whenever you find most convenient-at home or on the road, alone or with a group. For less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee, you can help Reasons To Believe spread its God-honoring message around the world. Membership is $30/month ($360/year), most of which is tax-deductible. You can sign up today with a quick call to 800-482-7836 or a visit to

Reasons Institute Update

Come Grow With Us!

Reasons Institute is growing. And that's great news! It means more people are being equipped for effective outreach wherever they are.

Classes are now forming for spring 2007:

  • Creation and the Bible
  • Creation vs. Evolution
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • World Religions and Science
  • NEW! - Advanced Seminar on Human Origins

The spring term begins April 9. College credit is available. Classes are also available for homeschool and high school students. To enroll or find out more, visit us online at

In the Mailbox

I'm your frequent [Creation Update] caller from Portland, Maine, and I'd just like to thank all of you for the fascinating show you present each week! I've said this before, but I'll say it again: Creation Update is the best show anywhere on radio or television! You have been a huge blessing in my life…"

Roger - Maine

I originally held the belief that Christianity and science were enemies, and that the two could never connect on any level. I found your Web site, however, and your information has proved me wrong. The fact that you have shown that science and Christianity are allies struck me on a personal level. Your work also strengthens my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Keep up the good work!

Emily - E-mail

NEW - Majesty of the Maker Small Group Study Guide

Have you wanted to introduce your Bible study, Sunday school class, or small group to RTB material but weren't quite sure how? We have something new just for you! This month RTB releases the first of our Majesty of the Maker study guides. Subtitled Evidence for Design, it includes a series of five lessons, each featuring Scripture discussion questions, a short DVD presentation by an RTB scholar, and additional questions and readings to introduce participants to key science-and-faith issues.

This study can be used by individuals as well as by groups. If you wish to purchase it for individual use, you'll want the Leader's Edition, which comes with the DVD the lessons are based on. This edition sells for US$13 (+s/t/h). For group study, you'll want one Leader's Edition and enough Participant Editions (without the DVD) for all the members of your group. Participant editions are available for US$7 each (+s/t/h) or in packs of five for the discounted price of $30/pack (+s/t/h).

To purchase Majesty of the Maker: Evidence for Design, call our customer service department (800-482-7836) or visit our Web site at

Houston, here we come!

Mark your calendars for February 23-24, 2007. That's the date of RTB's next regional conference. We're excited to be partnering with Second Baptist Church and other Houston congregations for this inspirational and educational event.


Conference kick-off (7:00-8:30 P.M.) Bring family and friends to hear Hugh Ross's personal journey to faith and learn about the latest scientific discoveries that point to the God of the Bible.


Adult Conference (9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.) Plenary and break-out sessions featuring Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, Jeff Zweerink, and Ken Samples.

Youth Track (9:00 A.M. - NOON) Talks geared toward junior high and high school students featuring Matt and Erica Carlson and Mark Ritter.

Other Info

  • Registration: $45 for adults; $30 for kids (teens or younger)
  • Contact: Sarah Harmeyer (713) 465-3408 x1344 
  • Location: Second Baptist Church, 6400 Woodway, Houston, TX 77057

Teens and adults may attend either track!



  • (Local) Galveston, TX 2/1
  • (Local) San Luis Obispo, CA 2/5-6
  • (TV Interview) Le Sea, The Harvest Show 2/12
  • (Local) Houston 2/22
  • (Conference) Houston, TX 2/23-24
  • (Local) Houston, TX 2/25
  • (Local) College Station, TX 2/27


  • (Local) Dallas, TX 3/16-17
  • (Local) Anaheim, CA 3/23
  • (Local) Hartford, CT 3/23-25

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