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All The Pieces Fit Together... FINALLY!

"I am so thrilled I just had to write a thank-you. I feel like Paul on the Damascus road and John on the island of Patmos when they were blinded by the glory of Jesus. It is so humbling and yet so wonderful and beyond amazing. I am now at peace and my spirit cries out to God in worship and song!

Can you believe I am not an emotional person? I am 58 years old. I am a scientist and love science. My mom and dad made me go to Sunday School as a child, and I happily accepted everything I was told. I was saved at the age of 7 and honestly believed in God and Jesus. Then high school and university taught me about math, biology, evolution, geology, physics, chemistry, and astronomy. It was wonderful to be able to explain how the world and the universe worked. But science seemed to contradict what I had been taught from the Bible.

I started exploring the Bible again when I was 24, reading it and researching various commentaries. What I learned was in serious conflict with proven scientific knowledge. The popular interpretations of the Bible regarding creation did not make any sense in light of what I had learned through science. I also found that there appeared to be 10 different ways to interpret everything. In short Christianity seemed like a big mess! But on the other hand, scientists like Carl Sagan made God seem so impersonal and detached. Humanity, and I in particular, were considered so insignificant it would be a sin to think we were the only created beings in this vast universe. Thus for over 30 years I lived in internal conflict.

While on the Internet a couple months ago, I stumbled across a message given by Hugh Ross. In it he provided scientific evidence for God! As I listened to this and other messages by Reasons To Believe scholars, everything fell into place. I was able to link together proven science with the Bible. Finally, all the pieces fit together! I can say that for the first time in my life I have 100% faith in God! It makes perfect sense now.

I see God so clearly now. I see His purpose, His love, His power, and His majesty. It is so simple, so perfect, and so wonderful. Again, I am not an emotional person by nature, so these feelings are very strange to me. I hope you will forgive me if I sound like a small child, but I assure you I am not a milksop Christian. I understand redemption, atonement, election, predestination, and free will. I have simply been restrained for so long by these nagging questions. To have them finally answered is a tremendous release for my spirit.

That God would create this vast universe for us and for me-I cannot begin to comprehend a love that great. The intellect, the power, and the imagination it took to plan and execute all this-I am dumbfounded. And the best part of all-this is only the beginning! This universe and what we experience now is nothing compared to what God has yet to come. It is amazing. I no longer fear death, yet I revel in each day of life here on Earth as never before. I am like a child who is seeing the world for the first time. Everything has taken on new meaning and new wonder. I want to stay as long as I can to rediscover this amazing creation. Yet I look forward to the journey when God calls me home.

And my attitude towards others has taken a dramatic turn. How can I be ugly to people who God loves so very much? I can only try to help them discover what I have learned. And as if this were not enough, God Himself became one of His own creations so that He could redeem us from sin and enable us to know Him and be with Him for all eternity. I was saved when I was 7, but it is only now that I truly feel like I have been born again."

Contributed by Cliff Ellis

(The initial message Cliff heard can be found at:

Happy 20th Anniversary, RTB!

In launching Reasons To Believe twenty years ago, Hugh and Kathy Ross intended that the ministry would become a team of research scientists and Bible scholars who together would develop new reasons to believe in Christ as Creator, Lord, and Savior.

During the first ten years of the ministry, through a remarkable set of circumstances, God brought Kenneth Samples to the RTB staff. Prior to RTB, Ken worked as Senior Research Consultant and Correspondence Editor at the Christian Research Institute (CRI). He also was a regular co-host of the popular Bible Answer Man radio program. Ken started at RTB as the publications director, but with his excellent background in both theology and philosophy, Ken emerged as a scholar. This was the first major step in the development of the RTB scholar team. Since then Ken's expertise has proven to be an invaluable asset to the ministry, providing RTB with solid theological grounding.

Though funds were yet too limited to add a scientist, Hugh found a way to build on the team concept through volunteer scholars. From the time the ministry was barely a year old, Hugh enlisted volunteers for an emerging training program, then commissioned them as volunteer apologists.

Many of these early volunteers held advanced degrees in science. One of them was Dr. Fuz Rana. Hugh still remembers his commissioning interview with Fuz. As Hugh commented to Kathy afterward, Fuz stood out not only as an exceptional scholar (in biochemistry and biophysics) but also as a zealous follower of Christ, an eager student of Scripture, and a good communicator.

After that interview Fuz began attending (via Internet) the quarterly meetings of RTB's volunteer apologists. At one of those meetings about nine years ago, Hugh told the group that the goal of adding a staff scientist was almost within financial reach. Six months later, Hugh spoke at a large church in Akron, Ohio, and that's where he met Fuz face-to-face for the first time.

Fuz described for Hugh his plan to work several more years at Proctor & Gamble then take early retirement to spend the rest of his life in full-time ministry. Hugh especially appreciated hearing that Fuz had developed specific spiritual objectives for his time at Proctor & Gamble and would not leave the company until those objectives had been met. Already Fuz had launched a Bible study there and was seeing God's work in people's lives.

At Hugh's request Fuz began writing articles for publication in RTB's newsletter, Facts & Faith (now Connections). Then, in rapid succession, God began meeting the ministry goals Fuz had set. The Lord even provided a new leader for Fuz's Bible study. Hugh sensed that God was speeding up the timetable and calling Fuz to work with RTB-sooner rather than later. Hugh flew to Ohio to meet with Fuz's family, including his church family, and to see if God would provide the remaining funds needed to bring Fuz aboard.

God did…and the RTB team grew. And by God's gracious provision, it's still growing! More about that to come later…

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In The Mailbox

"… I lost much of my faith for about 8 years…I got the misunderstanding that faith is contrary to reason and logic. But thanks be to God that the faith He reveals through His Holy Spirit has no problems with logical thinking! Your website has been one of many resources that I have found to be very encouraging to me and to other Christians who also believe you never have to be afraid to ask questions if you're confident in what you believe and in the fact that God desires us to know and understand the truth…" Paul - via e-mail

"Thank you so very much for your writings which were, I assure you, greatly appreciated. Reading them pushed me to continue my mission work and strengthen[ed] me for whatever it may take. Indeed, your writings are always an encouragement and source of blessings to me and to others with whom I share them." Anthony - via e-mail

"Appreciate your good work in assisting us to defend the faith, bring[ing] a lost world to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus." David - via e-mail

"I have listened to your program Reasons to Believe with great interest and I have particularly liked your openness to scientific exploration while at the same time placing authority on Biblical revelation." John - via e-mail

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Listen in each week as RTB scholars discuss the latest scientific evidences for the God of the Bible on our weekly Creation Update webcast. And if you have questions we invite you to call in to the show. Broadcast live every Tuesday from 11 A.M. - 1 P.M. (PT), Creation Update provides a great way to get informed about what is happening at the frontiers of science while also staying connected with RTB. If your schedule doesn't permit you to listen live, there are other ways to hear the show, including podcasts and show archives. To learn more, go to and click on the "Radio/Media" tab.

"I enjoy listening to the Creation Update, and having it available as podcast makes it so much more convenient to schedule the time for it - usually on the train on the way to work. My thanks again and may God bless your work." Bruno - via e-mail

Connections Wins Award

RTB's quarterly apologetics mini-magazine, Connections, won an Award of Merit in the Organizational Category at the May 2006 Evangelical Press Association convention held in Orlando, Florida. The EPA contest honors the best work done by member publications during the 2005 calendar year. Be sure to pass along the next issue of this useful resource when you receive it in the mail.


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