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I Wasn't Skeptical, I Was Antagonistic!

Contributed by Gary - South Carolina

I was an anti-theist, almost 40 years old, and married to a believer. For two years after the birth of our first child, my life was agonizing as I set out to finally decide once and forever about the Bible and this faith called Christianity. I was not skeptical, I was antagonistic. I brought all my training in science, engineering and philosophy to bear. But I had to bring this knowledge alone. In local churches I found no one who could speak my language of science, and few who even understood my need for a rational basis on which to believe. One woman typified this naïve evangelical view: "Just believe," she advised me. She didn't have a clue to the motivations for my questions or to the need for questions at all. A seminary student told me "informed faith" was a contradiction. I really wondered if I wanted to have any part in this community. But I had to find real answers, my answers.

I struggled alone with these intellectual issues until I could finally comprehend the moral issue: Does God exist? Is He knowable? What is He like? What does He expect from me? Eventually, after a journey that began with the mystery of my unborn child, I laid down my weapons and surrendered. I couldn't overcome the final issue: what happened to the body that had been crucified? I walked forward in a Southern Baptist church filled with people who wanted me to have peace, and everything changed forever. The irony did not escape me: Here I was, spouting vector calculus, in a Southern Baptist church. God does have a sense of humor.

But I still struggled alone, now to reconcile science and my newfound faith. For the next two years I was convinced I must be the only Christian who saw no irreconcilable divide between science and Christianity. While on a business trip I visited a bookstore and discovered a strange book titled The Fingerprint of God. I had never heard of the author, Hugh Ross. I stood in the aisle scanning the chapters, and I think I alarmed some other customers as I found myself saying aloud, "Yes, that's it! This principle directly supports the Bible!" I bought the book and devoured it that night in the hotel. That night I couldn't sleep. I was so excited to find there were others who had the same questions, who had real reasons to believe. There was no RTB website then, in 1991. In the back of the book was a post office box address and a telephone number. I called that number the next day and asked for information on every resource they offered. Thus began my long relationship with RTB.

We "logical types" are a people group who need to be reached. I was already saved when I found RTB, but many who are not still seek reasonable answers that can withstand honest scrutiny. RTB is wholly dedicated to this unreached people group, and I am so dismayed when I see RTB attacked-not by nonbelievers but by our own evangelical community who are doing little to nothing for this very special group of nonbelievers. I cannot ignore these people-they my friends and colleagues, and for this I will support the ministry of RTB until God takes away my breath and life.

P.S. Just a couple of years ago I had the delight of hearing Hugh Ross speak at a local Bible college. I took my daughter with me, the one God used to bring me to Him even as she formed in her mother's womb.

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What God Knows (Book)

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"...You have helped me satisfy that scientific doubt about God even though the faith in Him was there. It all fits so perfectly....Congratulations, Hugh, on this 20th anniversary....May you and Reasons To Believe continue in God's grace."

 -- Frank & Linda (via e-mail)

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Happy 20th Anniversary, RTB!

"If you can assure me you'll be out of here within the month, I'll close my eyes and walk out without citing you," the fire marshal said to RTB's office manager. She was grateful for his mercy.

In 1991, the ministry had outgrown its original office space at the back of what was once a retail dress shop in Sierra Madre (adapted as an adult Sunday School classroom by Hugh and Kathy Ross's church). RTB's warehouse was a former dressing room; the meeting room, a former hallway; and staff desks were crammed into what had been the store's business office. Cables appeared to grow like vines along the walls, and people had to take turns moving in and out among the desks. Hugh, Kathy, and Janet, the publications director, had to work mostly from their home offices.

It's not that they hadn't been looking for a new location. It's just that rates were beyond reach. Kathy had found an affordable building in an industrial part of Monrovia that looked as if it could be adapted for use, but zoning restrictions ruled it out. So the scouts kept scouting, and the pray-ers kept praying.

A few days after the fire marshal's visit, a friend mentioned to Hugh that she knew of space available in a strip mall in Glendora, about 15 miles east of Sierra Madre. "Do you think you might be interested?" she asked. "I'll take a look," Hugh answered.

As it turned out, the owner wanted to sell the place but knew it would be more attractive to a buyer if all the units were leased; and, as a fellow Christian, he wanted to give the ministry a break. So he offered us three units at a very affordable price, and he was even willing to help us "revise" doors and walls as needed.

"It wasn't quite the office setting I had in mind," says Kathy, "but it allowed us to move before the fire marshal returned. And it has worked for us ever since." How the ministry came to own the building is another story of God's perfect timing and provision.

The owner, who was growing more and more eager to sell and retire, kept dropping the building's price, and still no buyer appeared. Meanwhile, donations to the ministry were increasing, especially after publication of Hugh's first book and some media appearances. In keeping with his Scottish heritage, Hugh scrimped and saved to build up the ministry's reserves. So, when the owner became desperate and the market took another dip, RTB made him an offer, and to everyone's amazement, he accepted.

At first RTB occupied only a few suites and leased out the others. But in God's good plan, more suites became available each time more space was needed. For several years now RTB has occupied the entire building, and with the help of our facilities manager, Craig Kletzien, new work stations keep appearing. "We're pretty close to capacity at this point," says Craig, "but I'm looking into various options, and I'm trusting God to guide, as always."

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Context can make all the difference. The following words are used in science. Any guesses as to what they mean?

  1. Sonic Hedgehog
  2. Charm
  3. Methuselah
  4. WIMPs
  5. MACHOs


1) a hox protein that helps control development; 2) a property of the behavior of fundamental particles; 3) a longevity gene; 4) Weakly Interacting Massive Particles; 5) Massive Compact Halo Objects


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