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God and A Chocolate Glazed Doughnut

by Beth Nickles

My earliest memory of God is actually a memory of a doughnut, a chocolate glazed doughnut. When I was five years old, my father took me to the Blessed Sacrament Church in Walpole, Massachusetts, where all the Irish Catholics in my town went. The doughnut was my reward for sitting through the mass. For a while, doughnuts brought me back to church, but later it was my questions. Unfortunately, some of the answers just added to my confusion. But the ultimate confusion came from my dad's contradictory lifestyle. His behavior was so hurtful and un-Christian I decided I wanted no part of the Church or of God.

In school I especially enjoyed the sciences where I could explore my "why" questions. Because I already had a bad taste of religion in my mouth, it was not a big step for me (once I learned about evolution) to pronounce myself an atheist. I was an active atheist through the rest of high school, engaging anyone I could in a battle of wits.

As I got older, however, I felt a hole inside me, and I tried to fill it with some other religion. But nothing seemed to make sense to me. So, I surrendered to the thought that I was doomed to have no spiritual direction. I remember wishing I wasn't smart anymore so I could simply have the wool pulled over my eyes and become a believer in SOME religion. I envied the comfort others found in it.

Five years ago when I was pregnant, a teacher I worked with invited me to her church. I said, "I don't do church," to which she replied, "Oh, you'll like my church! You can wear jeans, you can bring in your coffee, and there's rock and roll music. It's fun!" I agreed to go. I HAD to see a church like this!

I went, and I found it interesting. So I filled out a card indicating my desire to learn more. The pastor called me and wanted to know about me. He asked me to come in and meet with him some time. When I did, he told me about Jesus and gave me the book, The Case For Christ, by Lee Strobel. I read it in one night and wanted more. I visited this pastor every two weeks or so with a list of questions. He answered them. In fact, he encouraged me to ask more questions and said it actually honored God to do so.

After reading the Gospels, I started Genesis. There I hit a roadblock. A big one. My pastor didn't know how to help me. He couldn't reconcile Genesis with my science background. I was frustrated and didn't know where to turn.

I ended up ordering dozens of apologetics books and prayed that one of them would be what I needed. That's when I came across The Genesis Question, by Hugh Ross. It made sense, and I was finally able to reconcile my science studies with my studies of the Bible. I was thrilled. I gave a copy of the book to my pastor and was baptized as a Christian a few weeks later. Then I started a science group in my church, going over Reasons To Believe materials with everyone who attends. It has been rewarding to help Christian parents whose children struggle with what they are taught in school about evolution. I'm happy to be involved with RTB and am really eager to help launch the Boston chapter.

New From Reasons To Believe

New - DVD Released

We are happy to announce the release of a new DVD that captures the excitement of Hugh Ross's talk at Willow Creek Community Church this past February! Hugh shares his testimony as well as some of the latest evidences for the Creator before an audience of more than 3000 people-from diverse backgrounds. He also fields live questions from the audience on a variety of topics. This DVD makes a great new tool for reaching out to skeptics and energizing believers.

New - RTB Book Who Was Adam? Coming Soon

What is man? Is he an accident of nature or a creature designed with significance and purpose? To find out what the latest science says about the intriguing questions of human origins, read RTB's soon-to-be released Who Was Adam? Written by Drs. Fazale Rana and Hugh Ross, this breakthrough book will be available September 15. You can preorder your copy (or multiple copies) today via our Web site or by calling 1-800-482-7836.

New - 2005 Educator Resource Guide for Homeschoolers

Searching for a science curriculum? Navigating the maze of available materials can be daunting. For years Christian teachers and homeschool parents have asked Reasons To Believe for help in this challenging area. Our NEW 2005 Educator Resource Guide includes over 60 pages of information about science and faith that every teacher needs to know.

  • Valuable guidelines for choosing a curriculum.
  • Discussion of the 10 common barriers to a good science education and how to respond to them. (Includes an evaluation of A Beka and Bob Jones University Press curricula).
  • Insightful reviews of
    • Astronomy by Jeannie Fulbright, Apologia Ministries, (ages 6 to 12)
    • Christian Schools International, Grades 3 and 6
    • Christian Schools International, Middle School (Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science)
    • Sonlight Curriculum, Grades 1 through 6
    • Dr. Jay Wile, Apologia Ministries, (General Science, 7th Grade; Physical Science, 8th Grade)

To order this long-awaited guide (#L0502), call RTB's toll free number, 1-800482-7836. Price: $8.95.

In The Mailbox

I heard Dr. Ross on the radio yesterday and I just thought I need to finally write you. I am what you might call a "Young Earth Creationist" (though in recent years I am really come to detest such labels)...but am foremost, like you all, a follower of Jesus the Messiah. There was a time when I was rabid about defending the views of a literal, 6 day, 24-hour creation. As such I bore no small amount of animosity toward your organization and toward Dr. Ross. But over time I have seen how misguided this is.

Now, over the past years God has worked on my heart. And I know that you love Jesus as much as I do. That you strive to see the Gospel advance, long to see people come to know and serve him, and indeed to promote God as Creator. And AWESOME. And I am grateful to God for you all in that regard....

These days, I really don't care how long it took God to create the universe or even how he did it... I still believe that he likely did it in 6 literal, 24 hours days. But if I stand before the throne of God one day and he tells me that the creation of the world and the whole universe was done exactly as Dr. Ross has always God is God...and He is awesome!

....I hope that you will accept my apology for years of animosity. It was misplaced. Please forgive me....

Your brother in Christ Jesus,


Come Join Us In Hawaii!

RTB is hosting a regional conferencein Kauai, Hawaii this October. We'd love to have you join us! If you don't live in Hawaii, why not plan to come and make a vacation out of it? The event will be held October 21 -22.

In addition to the conference, you'll have opportunity to play golf in a best-ball scramble with RTB staff and scholars Friday the 21st (Hugh says he doesn't golf, but is willing to caddy J) and to take a unique nature walk with Hugh on Monday the 24th. We will also host a festive barbecue for RTB friends on the 23rd.

During the conference (which begins Friday evening), you'll hear how the latest scientific discoveries add to a long and growing list of evidences pointing to the biblical Creator. Cosmic Fingerprints: Evidence of Design will show that science and faith are allies, not enemies. RTB's scholar team will challenge atheists and agnostics to reconsider their worldviews. Skeptics will hear answers to the nagging questions that keep them from taking the Bible seriously. Christians will learn how to use these evidences in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

We hope you can join us in Kauai from October 21 - 24th.

For more information or to register for this Kauai Conference, visit or call Ken Hultgren at 1-800-482-7836.

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New RTB Chapter

We are happy to extend a warm welcome to our newest RTB chapter in Fresno, California. To contact the chapter, e-mail  

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