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What It's All About

No More Double Life

John and Steve's friendship began when they met in junior college. John, a Christian since his preteen years, invited Steve to a meeting where Steve accepted Christ. Eager to do what they thought Christians should, they transferred to a Christian college, where John became a Bible major and Steve studied missions. Neither of the young men had been taught anything about apologetics, and neither knew how to defend their faith.

While John continued his studies, Steve went off to a specialized training camp for missionary candidates. There a traumatic event changed the course of his life. One of his teammates drowned in a nearby river. Shaken and saddened, Steve was even more stunned when the camp leaders explained that this tragedy occurred because of sin in the camp. As Steve questioned their conclusion and argued that the drowning was an accident, he was dismissed from the group and rejected as a candidate for missionary service.

Though he had been willing to go anywhere and do anything for Christ, he was now barred from pursuing what he thought God had called him to. Doubts and questions filled his mind, and he began living a double life as he chose a new career path. Around Christians he'd still use "Christian lingo" and pretend to believe, but his inner life grew less and less consistent with Christian faith.

Meanwhile, John began work toward a master's degree at a secular institution where he was steeped in evolutionary theory. Multiple evidences were presented as proof. Torn between his Christian beliefs and the "fact" of evolution, John nearly lost his faith. Ironically, God used an atheist professor to help him through this crisis. As John spoke privately with him, this professor commented, "Scientists have not really proven any of these evidences for evolution. Don't let this be your stumbling block."

Shortly thereafter, John delved into apologetics for the first time. He had to be sure about the validity of the Christian worldview. During that period, John was introduced to Hugh Ross through his books, The Fingerprint of God and The Creator and the Cosmos, which helped solidify his faith. He shared these books with Steve who said, "This guy may be saving my faith."

As John grew and matured, he kept praying for Steve, who had become an influential educator-still living a double life. Through periodic interactions with Steve, John eventually came to consider his old friend an "unreachable" skeptic. Almost without hope, John continued to share with him. Recently, Steve happened to come across the book, Origins of Life, by Fuz Rana and Hugh Ross. Having recognized the name "Ross" from the other books John had given him years before, he decided to read it.

A few months ago, John got a call from Steve, who said he and his wife would be traveling in the area and would like to visit. During that visit, as the two couples caught up on each other's lives, Steve commented, "This Fuz Rana is an intelligent guy." John wondered at first whether Steve was serious or joking. A little later, the two men were talking alone when Steve unexpectedly and emotionally blurted out, "John, I want you to know I've recommitted my life to Christ!"

ohn was amazed and elated as he observed the transformation that had taken place in his friend-finally, after 30 years of praying. Steve identified the two biggest factors in his turnaround. The first, he said, was reading the Origins book, which enabled him to finally connect logic and facts to faith. His mind was finally convinced, and a huge part of his struggle was over! The second factor was a crucial challenge to his integrity. The church he had attended for some time asked him to take a position of leadership. He knew that if he were to accept the position, he could no longer go on pretending. He had to be real, 100 percent. With his mind finally gripped by the truth of God's word, his will followed, and his desire to know Christ was passionately renewed.

Steve now yearns and prays for his son, a science major and as skeptical as he was, to come to faith. John is thrilled to pray for him, too, as Steve encourages his son to read Origins of Life and other apologetics books, in the hope that he will come to know the Christ that Steve now truly believes and loves. John wants us all to share in the joy of answered prayer and urges us to continue praying for the skeptics in our lives.

Do you know someone who needs concrete evidence to help them past their barriers to faith? RTB materials offer a unique perspective on the scientifically testable truth of Scripture. Again and again we've seen God use our resources to cut through barriers and propel people forward on their way to a personal relationship with Christ. Perhaps you will be the crucial link for someone you care about, as John was for Steve. Your gift of a book or pamphlet or DVD might just turn out to be an investment for eternity. We sincerely hope so! And we cannot overemphasize the importance of prayer.

Inside the Mailbox

"I landed on your website a couple of weeks ago. I'm very interested in the relationship between science and religion, but unfortunately in this part of the world there is limited material available on this subject. I was absolutely thrilled to see this website that hosts such quality material on science & religion." (Mohammed - India)

"I just wanted to let you know I heard G. Gordon Liddy referring his callers to your website the other day! I was driving down the road and almost lost control! It was very exciting to hear a nationally recognized radio personality recommending your ministry." (Tracey - Ohio)

"I received Origins of Life as a Christmas present from my wife. I have to say it is the most rational book I have ever read on creation. I have, over the last ten years or so, read most of the available literature about creation and evolution, much of which has originated from young-earth sources and has been self-referencing, (i.e. they do not appear to make much use of contemporary scientific reports but simply reference what has been done by other friendly organizations). This meant that I was reading the same arguments over and over. Some of the arguments I could, with my limited knowledge, easily overturn for myself. I have often wondered if the authors ever read any secular texts on the subject matter they were discussing. Then along comes Origins of Life and I am enjoying a good read with rational comment on scientific knowledge and a respect for the scientific community. This book has been needed for some considerable time.... Thank you, and God bless you." (Andrew - via email)

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Fun With Science

by Mark Ritter

Water is a most amazing substance. It may be small in the great land of chemicals, but like the dwarfs of Middle-earth, it has strengths that far exceed its stature.

A couple of hydrogen atoms locked onto an oxygen atom-that's a water molecule. It resembles a Mickey Mouse balloon, with the two hydrogen atoms as Mickey's ears attached to his big round head, the oxygen atom.

Such a small molecule should be a gas! Its tiny brothers, methane and oxygen, are about the same size and they have no problem staying gassy. But water molecules have this propensity to cling to each other, which helps keep them liquid. What makes them so clingy? Something about that Mickey Mouse arrangement.

The oxygen pulls so hard on the (negative) electrons in the molecule that it nearly strips them away from the lowly hydrogens. This tug-of-war gives the oxygen a slightly negative feel, and the hydrogens turn out to be rather positive characters. So, since the water molecule is bent, the hydrogen side (the "earside") has a little more positive charge than the oxygen side (the "headside").

Here's why this is so critical: the slightly negative "head" of one water molecule is attracted to the slightly positive "ears" of another, and they tend to cling to each other. You know, opposites attract!

Drag a comb through your hair on a dry day to build up some static electricity. Then bring the comb up to a very thin stream of water from the faucet and, voilà, watch the water stream bend toward the charged comb.

If water molecules in the air slow down enough, they will cling en masse to form droplets, which join up with other droplets to form the liquid water we all know and love. Their attraction to each other, which results from the Mickey Mouse arrangement, gives us rain, oceans, lakes, streams, etc. No perfect bend to the molecule means no stickiness. No stickiness, no life.

The tiny bent water molecule is one of the many wonderful results of the exquisite laws of physics. Looks to me like the work of an all-knowing, almighty Creator.

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"Hugh Ross is committed to truth-of Scripture and of science. But his pre-eminent commitment is to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping people know Him. He wholeheartedly works to remove roadblocks to faith by demonstrating how science reflects what the Bible teaches."

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"I am a strong supporter of the work of Reasons To Believe. Its publications and lectures clearly show that the facts of science force the unprejudiced to believe in God as the creator of the heavens and the earth and all that they contain."

Kenneth N. Taylor, Chairman of the Board
Tyndale House Publishers

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