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What It's All About

Return to Hope

“Please allow me to express my everlasting gratitude for your book, The Creator and the Cosmos.  Your explanation of the harmony between the scientific record and the Bible has been deeply significant to me.

“I was a believer for 41 years until I realized that scientific evidences, like forensic evidence, could not be ignored. The obvious age of the universe, the fossil record, and the geologic record all argued persuasively against the tenets of my dearly held beliefs. This shook the foundation of my life, and I soon abandoned my faith as untenable. For five years I went astray, an agnostic. I sorrowfully missed the joys of salvation, fellowship, and the hope of eternal life, but was unable to abandon logic to return.

“Then the Lord began to thaw my resistance, and I began to revisit the subject. A friend gave me a copy of your book, and suddenly faith began to make sense again!

“Thank you for explaining the harmony between God's record in nature and the Bible. It has been truly liberating to again see God's face behind the natural wonders of the cosmos! I have a new joy in believing—finally untroubled by the perceived oppositions of science.

“I feel I represent exactly the target audience you have in mind, and I want you to know you've hit your mark. Thank you again! May God continue to bless you in His service.”   (from Loren)

The Cowboy and the Mustard Seed

Amy’s father, Ron, came to believe in God and made a profession of faith when his wife was gravely ill. Ron prayed and prayed for his wife to be healed, and during this difficult time he sensed the presence of God. Ron hadn’t gone to church or read Scripture, but he believed. Amy describes his faith at that time as being the size of a mustard seed.

A year and a half later, in September, Ron’s wife passed away. He struggled mightily with skepticism, and Amy was cautious not to push “religion or church” on him. At Christmas time, Amy sensed the Lord’s prompting to give a book to her father, one that would help him understand the Christian faith.

As Amy perused the bookstore shelves, she came across The Creator and the Cosmos, by Hugh Ross.  She opened to a page and found an abundance of quotations from various scientists—evidence that would speak to her dad. She bought the book and wrapped it up with a hopeful heart.

At gift-opening time, her heart began to sink. Amy saw that lots of other people had bought him books, too, mostly about his various hobbies. Surely he would be inclined to read those first. But, to Amy’s amazement, Ron seemed more excited about her gift than about all the rest. He leaned over and whispered, “I’m going to read this one first.”

A month later Amy’s father called her. His voice quivering with emotion (a rare moment in this cowboy’s life), he described how the book had impacted him. He said he wanted Amy to read it, too. So, he brought it with him the next time he visited her. He opened it to the page that had really grabbed his attention.  It contained a physicist’s quote describing how scientists are coming to the same conclusions—about the reality of a Divine Designer—as theologians did long ago.  He went on to share the amazing statistics that affirm the probability of the flood and an intelligent designer. These numbers were clearly impressive to him. 

Ron has since bought copies of the book to give to his friends. According to Amy, this desire to share his excitement with others is clear evidence of God’s work in his life. Please pray with Amy (and us) that Ron’s faith will continue to grow. In a recent phone call he asked, “What kind of Bible should I get?” 

Ministry In Unexpected Places

RTB Goes to War

On a Sunday morning in March, Hugh was walking to the class he teaches when a couple stopped him with this exciting report: “Your books are being distributed all over Iraq, thanks to our son. While he’s serving in the military there, he has launched an exciting ministry handing out RTB books to military and nonmilitary personnel. He finds that your books are perfect for answering questions people have about faith issues. His own copies are dog-eared from repeated readings. He really values RTB’s ministry!”

Revived from Rummage

Lilli had been praying for her son’s guitar teacher for a couple of years. Finally, the publicity surrounding the movie The Passion of the Christ opened a door to conversation about spiritual matters. Lilli gave him a popular Christian book—which he received politely but unenthusiastically. A short while later, while assisting with rummage at her church, Lilli came across a copy of Hugh Ross’s testimony tape. She decided to pass it along to the teacher. He seemed glad to receive it and said he would transfer it to a CD. Some weeks later, Lilli asked him if he had read the book yet. He replied, “No, but that tape you gave me really changed my life. Do you have a Bible?” Lilli gladly gave him one, and she also gave him a set of “Message of the Month” tapes and other resources. From the rummage heap to the heart . . . God works in creative ways, doesn’t He?

Chapters Upon Chapters

The number of RTB regional chapters and chapter members has more than doubled this past year, and requests for more continue to pour in. These chapters exist to strengthen the faith of believers in their local areas, establish dialogue with nonbelievers, and remove the doubts of skeptics. As chapter members study and fellowship together, produce new outreach materials, and speak at churches and schools in their area, they deepen and widen the impact of Reasons To Believe. In other words, they play a strategic role in RTB’s efforts to help fulfill the Great Commission.

If you are interested in joining or helping establish a local chapter, please use the contact information below, or call the RTB chapter coordinator, Ken Hultgren, at (800) 482-7836 x 167.

RTB Chapters in the United States


RTB Chapters Globally

Searching for a Science Curriculum

Navigating the maze of science curricula, both Christian and secular, can be daunting. Science teachers and homeschool parents have long asked Reasons To Believe to provide recommendations. Our Educator’s Resource Pack has been updated for 2004.  It includes guidelines for choosing a curriculum, as well as reviews of at least a few of the more popular curricula available:

  • Christian Schools International, Grades 3 and 6
  • Christian Schools International, Middle School (Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science)
  • Sonlight Curriculum, Grades 1 through 6 —NEW!
  • Apologia Ministries, Dr. Jay Wile (General Science, 7th Grade; Physical Science, 8th Grade)

To order this packet, call our toll free number at (800) 482-7836. The $6 price includes tax, shipping, and handling.

Fun With Science

Not too deep, not too shallow . . . but just right!

We live at the bottom of an ocean—an ocean of air. And here at the bottom we are surrounded by an enormous pressure pushing down on our bodies—almost 15 pounds for every square inch. That pressure is a constant reminder of the amazing planet we’ve been blessed with.

All we have to do is look to our neighbors to see how things might have been. Venus, our neighbor closer to the Sun, is similar in size to us, but its history left it with a deadly atmosphere. Unable to rid itself of carbon dioxide, Venus has an extremely thick atmosphere, resulting in a pressure nearly 90 times our own. Step out of a spacecraft there and get crushed to death.

Mars, smaller and farther out, doesn’t have the gravity to hold on to a substantial atmosphere. The pressure there is only about one percent of ours. This lack of pressure means a drop of water in your hand would vaporize away in a second. That’s not good for life.

Earth might have suffered a similar fate as Venus, but billions of years ago a remarkably precise collision with another solar system body created our Moon, simultaneously blowing away our heavy atmosphere. We ended up with an ocean of air not too deep, not too shallow, but just right for life to flourish.

You can “see” the pressure of our ocean of air with a little demonstration. Get a large glass and fill it with water up to the top. Take a playing card and place it over the top of the glass, making sure it completely covers it. (Do this over the sink to avoid making a mess.) Now carefully invert the glass, holding the playing card in place. When you feel the confidence to do so, gently let go of the card. Behold! The card stays in place, held there by—you guessed it!—the pressure of the air around us.

A providential pounding produced the perfect pressure, thanks be to God!

(Contributed by Mark Ritter)

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July 17th

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