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"Fingerprint" Answers Questions

Jeannie’s niece, who had become a Christian at a young age, married a wonderful young man. But, Jeannie had never heard this young man mention his faith and was unsure whether he was a Christian or not. So she began to pray for him and encouraged her niece to pray too.

That summer, the newlyweds came to visit Jeannie and her husband, Randy. In the course of their interaction, Randy noticed that many of the young man’s interests revolved around science. As a friend of RTB and aware of RTB’s resources, Randy gave him a copy of Hugh’s first book, The Fingerprint of God.

When the visit ended, the book went home with the young couple. Jeannie and Randy didn’t hear anything for a while—but they continued to pray —and God was at work. Through a series of events the niece had come to realize that her husband had never given his life to Christ. As she asked him more questions, she discovered he had grown up believing science and the Bible could never be in agreement or have any correlation. However, upon reading The Fingerprint of God, he began to understand that science actually supports the Bible.

Imagine Jeannie and Randy’s joy when they received a call from their niece this past January informing them that her husband had prayed to receive Christ! This young couple has now found a church to attend and they are digging into the Bible. They have even started a series at church studying creation.

Fun With Science

The Tails of Two Comets

By the time you read this you’ll know whether this spring’s two comet visitors were Hale-Bopps or Big Flops. The two comets—with the poetic names of C/2001 Q4 and C/2002 T7—are just two specimens of one of the most aesthetically pleasing families in our solar system zoo. And what makes a comet so dazzling is its awe-inspiring tail. But what exactly is a comet tail?

Some comets start their journeys from far beyond the orbit of Pluto in a far-away disk of scattered icy rocks called the Kuiper Belt. Other comets come from a huge spherical cloud of tossed-away solar system flotsam and jetsam (garbage) called the Oort Cloud which extends far, far, far out – probably a third of the way to the nearest star.

Occasionally one of these scraps gets bumped toward the Sun, and it’s off to the races. As it heads towards the inner solar system it picks up speed … and heat.

As the miles-across clump of ice and dirt gets closer to the Sun it warms up enough that the ice starts vaporizing, taking some dust with it. Normally the vapor and dust would just expand outwards as a swelling, schmutzy, spherical "atmosphere."

But then there’s that Sun.

The Sun radiates light and particles, both of which push the gas and dust away from the comet in the opposite direction from the fireball. Ba-da-bing! We have us a tail!

This tenuous tail, consequently, always points away from the Sun. If the comet manages to survive the trip around the Sun it will head back to the outer solar system, but now with its tail ahead of it!

Our Lord has orchestrated our universe so that even the smallest of creations can become a beautiful, jaw-dropping work of art. Let that be a lesson to all of us.

Contributed by Mark Ritter,

Ministry in Unexpected Places

I Wasn’t Supposed To Be Here Today

Fuz was slated to address a group in Irving, Texas. Hoping to speak on a different topic, he was asked to describe his upbringing by a Muslim father. A man came up to Fuz after his talk and said, "I wasn’t supposed to be here today. I was over at Jason’s Deli, and someone there mentioned that he was coming to this event and invited me. What you shared changed my life!" He then proceeded to tell how his own personal story mirrored Fuz’s. Fuz was able to encourage him and equip him with resources to minister to his family.

God Uses Box Lunches

Hugh and Fuz, along with RTB’s advancement team, Esther and Hannah, recently traveled to Texas for numerous RTB events. After one of these, some box lunches were left over. Unable to carry them back to California, Esther and Hannah wondered what to do with them. On the way to the next event, located nearby, Esther saw a woman and asked if she would want a box lunch. "Yes" came the reply. Somewhat surprised, but delighted, Esther asked "Would you like another box lunch?" "Yes!" Seeing her eagerness, Esther asked again, "Would you like the rest in this bag?" "Yes!" Happy to find someone who could use them, Esther and Hannah found out later that afternoon that the woman who received those lunches was a seminary student. Just that morning she had run out of food and prayed that the Lord would provide her food for the day. In her words, "He did, and He provided food for the whole week!"

Inside the Mailbox

I don’t think my love for God has ever been stronger – "I have an M.S. in geology. For many years I’ve appreciated your careful study of science and scripture as I had really struggled with questions of faith and science... Just lately, though, I have appreciated your work in a new way. The December 2003 M.O.M. (Message of the Month) tape and The Genesis Question have encouraged my Christian walk so much as I get new glimpses of God’s incredible love for me. I’ve been a Christian since I was five, but I don’t think my love for God has ever been stronger. I have two children now and look forward to sharing with them about these new "reasons" I’ve found to love the God who loved me first. Keep up the good work!" (Kristelle – Texas)

Renewed commitment –"Dr. Ross has helped me turn my thinking around and strengthen my faith in God. I have even renewed my commitment to Christ recently." (David - Georgia)

Astronomer goes to 4th grade—"Thank you, Dr. Ross, for speaking to our 4th grade class. I found it fascinating and I know the students did too. The following Sunday I asked the class what they remembered from your talk and they have good memories. One boy remembered that there are 10 dimensions and 4 are most important. He could name 3 out of 4. Thank you again." (Conrad – California)

A Giant Step

Many years ago when I attended my first writer’s conference I wanted to write books. There’s a permanence about books that I liked. But a message I kept hearing soon increased my appreciation for magazine articles.

Good magazines reach hundreds of thousands of people, sometimes millions. They get passed around to people who might not otherwise read about a particular topic. And articles can whet people’s appetite for books on those topics.

That’s why RTB is taking steps toward increasing our visibility through magazine articles. Since the scholars already have aggressive writing schedules (with twelve books to complete in the next five years), I’ll be leading the charge to prepare articles for submission to popular magazines, both secular and Christian.

One article under development is targeted for AARP (the largest circulation magazine in the country with a readership of 17 million), another for Newsweek. And a general apologetics article is already slated for the May/June issue of Focus on the Family. A second article, requested by the editor there, discusses bringing creation into the classroom.

Please pray with us for writing time, marketable article development, and strategic article placement so more people can be drawn by science to consider personal faith in Jesus Christ.

As executive editor for Reasons To Believe, Patti Townley-Covert handles the developmental editing for RTB books and oversees the entire book publishing process. Prior to coming to Reasons To Believe three years ago, Patti was a freelance writer. She had numerous articles published in top Christian magazines including Decision and Moody. Patti has two adult sons and enjoys writing, reading, gardening, and travel.

Writers, Writers, Everywhere!

A signpost in the Santa Cruz Mountains could have read: "Watch Your Grammar: 600 Writers/Editors Ahead." RTB editors Joe Aguirre and Tani Trost attended the 35th annual Christian Writers Conference at Mount Hermon (CA) in April, where they continued to hone their writing skills and share RTB’s message. Patti Townley-Covert also attended the Evangelical Press Association conference in Minnesota in early May. These conferences draw Christian writers, editors, and publishers internationally and provide RTB with invaluable exposure, training, and networking opportunities. It’s great to be represented there and also to hear lots of encouraging words about RTB’s impact.

Where Have You Been All My Life?!

This is a question we hear often at Reasons To Believe. We don’t want to be a well-kept secret! We want millions to know that there is compelling evidence for God and powerful reasons to trust in Jesus. If you like Reasons To Believe’s books and videos, you can help spread the word by asking your local Christian and secular bookstores to carry them. If they need a copy to review, please e-mail us at and give us the bookstore’s name, address, phone number, and contact person. We’ll make sure someone contacts him or her. Thank you for getting involved!

Join the Club!

We invite you to become a member of Message of the Month (M.O.M.). By doing so, you help RTB by providing $30/month of vital ministry-sustaining support. In turn, we send you monthly messages, recorded just for M.O.M. members, that will build your faith and equip you for outreach. This year’s topic is The Problem of Evil. To learn more about M.O.M. or to receive a free sampler CD, please call 1-800-482-7836 or e-mail

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It’s Here!

We’re celebrating the arrival of our latest book, Origins of Life: Biblical and Evolutionary Models Face Off. Written by Fazale (Fuz) Rana and Hugh Ross, this is the first book in 20 years to address the origin-of-life question from a Christian perspective! If you don’t yet have your copy, give us a call at 1-800-482-7836. To our supporters, thank you for helping to make this groundbreaking book a reality!

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