Reasons to Believe


  • Work and Leisure: Divine Gifts but Potential Idols

    In the Christian world-and-life view, both work and leisure are considered good things. Both come as gifts from God’s hand and are rooted and discerned from the Lord’s foundational act in creation. … more

  • Review: Four Myths of Science and Religion

    If you would like a short introduction to a few of the key apparent conflicts between science and Christianity, here is a free opportunity to get informed. For busy people, quick and useful … more

  • Why I Love Nature and Think Everyone Should Too

    Ken Samples, our staff philosopher, says he doesn’t know anyone who loves nature as much as I do. He wanted to know what it is about nature that I find so attractive and why I will go to such … more

  • Top 10 TNRTBs of All Time

    RTB’s blog Today’s New Reason to Believe has certainly evolved since its first post, but what hasn’t changed is TNRTB’s consistent and faithful production of articles that … more

  • How to Make Sense of Things We Can’t Control

    How are we to think about our inability to control certain facts of our lives (e.g., our conception, time of birth, place of birth, family, and culture)? These “givens” in life powerfully … more

  • 5 Things We Can’t Control

    As human beings we like to think that we are masters of our own fate. We enjoy thinking that we are autonomous individuals whose personal decisions have made us who we are in life. Philosophers even … more

  • Is the Peer Review Process Advancing Science?

    In today's society, we often look to science as an unbiased source of truth, regulated by the peer review process. Unfortunately, the phenomenon of publication bias—well-documented in the … more

  • “The Martian”: The Ultimate Rescue Mission

    This Friday, the film adaptation of Andy Weir’s highly successful debut novel The Martian hits theaters. In anticipation of the film’s release, I met with editor Sandra Dimas to discuss … more

  • 50 Questions on Christian Teenagers’ Minds

    This list is featured in the video, “RTB Live 17: Teach Us to Number Our Days.” These are questions that are on the minds of many Christian teenagers and should be discussed with parents … more

  • How Christianity Shaped Western Civilization

    Today's guest article was written by Dr. Andrew Stebbins.

    If someone asked you to name the single most important influence in the formation of Western civilization, would Christianity come to mind? … more

  • Islam and The Middle East Crisis

    Like many people, I have been paying careful attention to the religious and political events transpiring in the Middle East for the past several years. As a student of Islam, I am very interested in … more

  • A Review of Dinesh D’Souza’s “America”

    Over the Fourth of July holiday my family and I saw America, a new documentary from Dinesh D'Souza. The film, which sparked a lot of discussion among the members of my family, suggests that there are … more

  • Our Philosophical Options According to Albert Camus

    Some of the stories from classical Greek philosophy and mythology leave me with a lingering sense of philosophical angst. In an earlier article, I wrote about how Plato's allegory of the cave always … more