Reasons to Believe

World Religions/Cults

  • What's It to You?

    Flashback to a year ago. I was creeping down the 10 freeway, indifferent to the usual landscape of my commute. So when I spotted a bumper sticker with a peculiar mixture of religious symbols spelling … more

  • Ideas, Ideology, and Islam

    A recent 60 Minutes broadcast provided an illuminating glimpse into the global “war on terror.” The April 25 episode included a provocative segment on Islam entitled “Jihadists and … more

  • How Can I Get To Heaven?

     Most people want to go to heaven, hope to go to heaven. But does anyone really know for sure how to get there?

    Popular opinion suggests that most people automatically go to heaven because … more

  • Response to 2012 Prophecies

    Multiple sources, both books and web sites, have stirred people’s fear that the world (or life as we know it) will end on December 21, 2012. This date is cited as the end of the Mayan calendar … more

  • Testing Demonic Possession

    People who hold to a naturalistic worldview find the Christian concept of a Creator difficult enough. But when it comes to the dark world of demonic possession, supernaturalism can seem downright … more

  • Christian Truth-Claims and Other Religions

    How should a Christian view other religions in terms of truth? Are all religions utterly false in every respect? Can other religions have at least some truth to them?

    By affirming the exclusive truth … more

  • Seeing Past Sincerity

    The unexpected Saturday morning knock on the door sometimes engenders mild irritation, sometimes anxiety. What should I say to the well-mannered, well-groomed, youthful “elders” from the … more

  • Do All Religions Lead to God?

    He urged people of all faiths to pray for America. Interfaith religious services were televised from the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. and from Yankee Stadium in New York. These services … more