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Universe Design

  • Cosmic Creation Battle May Be Over

    The predominant cosmic creation model is a hot big bang creation model known as the ΛCDM model. The hot big bang refers to the universe being infinitely or near infinitely hot at its beginning … more

  • Fast Radio Bursts Update

    On December 29, 2016, I posted a blog article where I dispelled the widespread web speculations that fast radio bursts were signals being sent out by intelligent aliens. This web buzz arose from a … more

  • From the Big Bang to Humans

    Life abounds on planet Earth. We are familiar with numerous forms like people, pets, insects, and fish. Using microscopes we see a host of bacterial and viral organisms. Digging in the dirt reveals … more

  • Giving a Rip about the Big Rip

    In my last blog post I wrote about how astronomers have accumulated overwhelming evidence that the universe will continue to expand at an ever increasing rate. This accelerating cosmic expansion rate … more

  • Cosmic Acceleration: Is It Real?

    About a month ago, three physicists published a paper in Scientific Reports in which they called into question what most scientists consider the greatest scientific discovery of the twentieth … more

  • Does Life Need to Be Carbon-Based?

    Some science fiction writers imagine incredible adventures in bizarre or far-fetched environments. One personal favorite of mine is the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Where No One Has … more

  • Dark Energy and Gravity Withstand Tests

    In the life sciences, researchers are discouraged from challenging certain reigning paradigms, such as the evolutionary explanation for the origin of humans. The opposite is the case in the … more

  • Thank God for Merging Neutron Stars

    Have you thanked God for neutron and black hole merging events today? You should. A new study of an ancient dwarf galaxy shows that human life—and certainly a global high-technology … more

  • Gamma Ray Burst Research Reveals Fine-tuning

    According to many science fiction movies, life thrives throughout the universe. Star Wars recounts long-past battles in “a galaxy far, far away.” In Contact, Ellie Arroway travels through … more

  • Thankful for Scientific Advances

    My family frequently goes on camping trips over Thanksgiving week to enjoy the spectacular creation in which we live. We’ve seen California’s giant sequoia trees, the Pacific coast, and … more