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UFOs and the Bible

  • Will SETI Find Alien Life?

    Yahoo! News, "SETI's Search for Intelligent Alien Life Resumes" Dec 06, 2011; more

  • UFO Interview with Biola Magazine

    The following interview article was featured in 2005 summer edition of Biola Magazine (reprinted with permission).

    What Should Every Christian Know About UFOs?

    Cultural fascination with UFOs has … more

  • Life is Out There...Way Out There

    If aliens landed on the South Lawn of the White House tomorrow, would it be “game over” for the Christian faith?

    Many people assume the discovery of intelligent life elsewhere in the … more

  • UFOs, IFOs, and Glowing Lights

    When I arrived at Caltech for postdoctoral research, I was tagged for an “extra” assignment. Someone found out about my years of sky-watching as an amateur astronomer—a level of … more

  • Mysterious Phoenix Lights a UFO Hoax

    Source: Yahoo! News, "Mysterious Phoenix Lights a UFO Hoax," by Benjamin Radford, LiveScience's Bad Science Columnist,, April 23, 2008 more

  • UFOs: Three General Explanatory Hypotheses

    When it comes to the strange phenomenon of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) there appear to be three general explanatory hypotheses offered, and all of them have their strengths and weaknesses. … more

  • The Buzz On UFOs


    Respected polls reveal that half of all adult Americans believe UFOs are real and 12% claim to have seen one.1 Credible UFO experts estimate the number of alleged sightings worldwide in … more

  • Aliens From Another World? Getting Here From There

    Growing numbers of UFO and ETI cults, some overtly religious, others with the pretense of purely scientific endeavor, preach their own message of salvation for the human race, a message that directly … more