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Two Creation Model

  • Top 10 TNRTBs of All Time

    RTB’s blog Today’s New Reason to Believe has certainly evolved since its first post, but what hasn’t changed is TNRTB’s consistent and faithful production of articles that … more

  • What Does a "Very Good World" Look Like? Part 1 of 2

    One point of contention among those who believe in creation is the issue of death and decay in the original created order. The question, simply stated, is whether or not death, decay, disease, harsh … more

  • SDSS Measurements Confirm Existence of Dark Energy

    Taken alone, any of the four techniques used to test for fever leads most parents to the proper conclusion that the child is ill. However, with each subsequent measurement, the strength of the … more

  • The Dark and Bright Sides of Cosmology

    Astrophysics has its ironies. Here’s one: Studies of the brightest galaxies in the universe led to the discovery that 99 percent of all matter is "dark matter".1 But matter is only part of the … more

  • Earth Offers Bleak Future for Humans

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    A University of Wisconsin Earth scientist has buttressed a biblical view of Earth. Most people assume that the relatively benign conditions for life … more

  • Anthropic Principle: A Precise Plan for Humanity

    Human beings climb. Always have, always will. First hills, then mountains, then pinnacles so high they're called "death zones." That's as high as legs could carry them, but not high enough. So people … more

  • The Physics of Sin

    "I never loved my wife. Don't I deserve to be happy?" "I needed that money more than he did, so it's okay that I took it. Besides, he owes me for the time when…" Justification for sin comes … more

  • God's Mercy in Death

    1) the righteous (those submitted to God—all evil deeds are erased and forgotten and their reward is based on good deeds alone; 2) the wicked (those who are rebellious—all good deeds are … more