Reasons to Believe


  • Analogies of the Trinity, Part 3

    Straight Thinking #8 Analogies of the Trinity, Part 3 - Psychological and social analogies: multiple personalities, the human mind, love, a family. more

  • Analogies of the Trinity, Part 2

    Straight Thinking #7 Analogies of the Trinity, Part 2 - Geometric and conceptual analogies: triangle, cube, quark-proton, Iwo Jima statue. more

  • The Trinity and the Creator-Creature Distinction

    According to the Bible, the Creator of the universe is an infinite and morally perfect being. However, the same scriptural text states that human beings are (by nature) creatures, which means they are … more

  • What the Trinity Is and Isn't (Part 2)

    First, the members of the Trinity are qualitatively equal in attributes, nature, and glory. While Scripture reveals a voluntary subordination among the divine persons in terms of position or role (for … more

  • What the Trinity Is and Isn't (Part 1)

    Because the Christian vision of God is unique, mysterious, and inscrutable to the finite mind, it is often misunderstood and misrepresented. Let’s briefly examine what the doctrine of the … more

  • The Trinity: Mysterious But Intelligible

    As finite creatures, human beings will never know and understand the infinite God as God understands himself. That is why revelation (God unveiling himself) is so important within the historic … more

  • Three-in-Oneness in the Old Testament

    Is there evidence of the Trinity in the Old Testament? Truth about God’s nature and personhood has been progressively revealed in Scripture. Therefore, while the Old Testament is clearly limited … more

  • Creation: From, Through, and By the Triune God

    He asked: “Which specific person in the Godhead created the world?” I have been asked thousands of questions over the last 20 years of teaching and lecturing in both churches and colleges, … more

  • The Trinity: One What and Three Whos

     A Jehovah's Witness who had knocked on my door challenged me in the course of our conversation to give a clear and concise definition of the Trinity doctrine. Here's how I responded: The word … more

  • Is The Trinity Doctrine Biblical?

    Since the word “Trinity” doesn’t appear in the Bible, some wonder whether the early church simply invented the doctrine. The term “trinity” comes from the Latin trinitas. … more

  • Heresy History Tends to Repeat

    Saturday visitors at your doorstep remind you that the finer points of doctrine can be tricky, especially for a layperson. So much is at stake, however, that you often feel like you'd like to say … more

  • What Makes the Christian God Unique?

    Though I had many fine students over the years and lots of provocative discussions in and outside the classroom, one particular exchange with two students stands out in my memory. This dialogue … more

  • Kids Ask the Toughest Ones

    “Dad, does Jesus work for God?”

    “Uh, well, Jesus IS God. He doesn’t have a boss. But He’s also the Son of God. I mean, He did work for God by coming to Earth to die for … more

  • Thinking About the Trinity: One What and Three Whos

    The doctrine of the Trinity is an essential Christian doctrine that allows the creature to peer ever so slightly into the window of God’s infinite nature and personhood. The Trinity may also be … more