Reasons to Believe

Transitional Forms

  • Evolution Loses Its Direction

    Fossil evidence reveals that evolutionary change is seldom directional.

    As a parent, one of my biggest concerns is that my children have a direction for their lives. I don’t want them to waste … more

  • Is There a Controversy about Evolution?

    "Teaching the controversy" is controversial. Sides have been drawn.

    On one side, most intelligent design (ID) proponents want students to become familiar with the evidence cited in support of … more

  • Extinction Risks For Birds

    One of the complex challenges facing evolutionists can be described in simple terms. It is the problem of time. For naturalistic evolution to work, the rate of speciation (introduction of new species) … more

  • Marine Body Sizes Add Weight to Creation Model

    Evolution predicts change over time, not stasis; so researchers continue to search for an organism that shows significant evolutionary change. A recent analysis of marine creatures, however, revealed … more

  • Feathered Dinosaur or Flightless Bird?

    A recent collaborative study by scientists from Oregon State, Purdue (at Fort Wayne), Johns-Hopkins, and the College of Charleston provides evidence that the once highly touted feathered dinosaur, … more

  • Whale Ankles- No Support for Neodarwinism

    Proponents of gradualism often trot out so-called “transitional” whale fossils as evidence supporting their view.1, 2 In my book, The Genesis Question, I explain why no other animal has a … more

  • New Challenge to the Bird-Dinosaur Link

    In the Liaoning Province of The People’s Republic of China, researchers are combing an extremely rich fossil site, the Yixian Formation. It contains remarkably well-preserved remains of plants, … more

  • A Second Opinion on the Giant Panda's Thumb

    Gould once argued that the giant panda’s thumb represents a clumsily adapted wrist bone, not the work of a divine Designer.1 A number of rebuttals to Gould’s assertion have been published … more