Reasons to Believe

Transitional Forms

  • Marine Body Sizes Add Weight to Creation Model

    Evolution predicts change over time, not stasis; so researchers continue to search for an organism that shows significant evolutionary change. A recent analysis of marine creatures, however, revealed … more

  • Feathered Dinosaur or Flightless Bird?

    A recent collaborative study by scientists from Oregon State, Purdue (at Fort Wayne), Johns-Hopkins, and the College of Charleston provides evidence that the once highly touted feathered dinosaur, … more

  • Whale Ankles- No Support for Neodarwinism

    Proponents of gradualism often trot out so-called “transitional” whale fossils as evidence supporting their view.1, 2 In my book, The Genesis Question, I explain why no other animal has a … more

  • New Challenge to the Bird-Dinosaur Link

    In the Liaoning Province of The People’s Republic of China, researchers are combing an extremely rich fossil site, the Yixian Formation. It contains remarkably well-preserved remains of plants, … more

  • A Second Opinion on the Giant Panda's Thumb

    Gould once argued that the giant panda’s thumb represents a clumsily adapted wrist bone, not the work of a divine Designer.1 A number of rebuttals to Gould’s assertion have been published … more