Reasons to Believe


  • Living on the Autism Spectrum

    What is it like to grow up on the autism spectrum? What challenges does it add to being a husband, father, and scientist? Astronomer Hugh Ross shares personal experiences with hosts Brant and Sherri … more

  • A Christian's Journey to Science (with Mandarin Chinese translation)

    A Christian's Journey to Science 一 位基督徒的科学之旅

    Dr. Jeff Zweerink chronicles his childhood conversion to the Christian faith and his journey to becoming a research scientist at Reasons to Believe. This … more

  • Ten Questions with Ken Samples

    In “Ten Questions with Ken Samples,” Christian apologist Dayton Hartman asks me about a variety of subjects from baseball to philosophy to church involvement to books. Topics include: … more

  • Enjoying God's Creation Through Astronomy

    “The heavens declare the glory of God.” Psalm 19:1

    Hugh Ross launched his career at age seven when he went to the library to investigate why stars are hot. Physics and astronomy captured … more

  • Personal Experience

    Welcome to Caltech, I thought as I took a deep breath.

    Just a week into my graduate career in chemical engineering, I began appreciating my colleagues’ incredulity that I was both a serious … more

  • Celebrating a Life

    James Stewart Alexander Ross

    Stewart comes from a long line of soldiers, professors, and statesmen. Frank Ross, Canada's governor-general during the 1950s was one of his distant relatives. … more

  • What My Dad Did For Me

    My dad knew from personal experience that money did not buy happiness. In raising his children he focused on character building, a strong work ethic, and the importance of showing hospitality. … more

  • Come As You Are

    by Patti Townley Covert

    As I approached the front door, Lisa Wolfe opened it and embraced me like an old friend even though we'd met only briefly on two other occasions. Hearing our voices, her … more

  • President's Laptop- April 2002

    Dear Friends,

    Prior to founding Reasons To Believe, one of my roles as a pastor was to train teams of volunteers to go door-to-door with the gospel. Most first-timers expected the worst—slammed … more

  • President's Laptop - October 2001- The Sneak Preview

    People often ask what motivates me (a quiet, peace-loving person) to keep going in a ministry that stirs up so much opposition. I persevere because I strongly believe God has called me to do what I … more

  • A Scientist’s Faith Evolves Toward Christ

    by Jamie McComber

    Richard Deem, a Reasons To Believe (RTB) apologist, has been a scientist since childhood. As a boy, he raised hundreds of hydras in a glass jar. The one-half inch long water animals … more