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  • Q&A: Where Does Speciation Fit in Creation?

    From David—South Korea

    Hello scholars!

    I am a supporter of your ministry and appreciate the hard work you guys put into this effort. I have a question about your creation model. I understand … more

  • Photosynthesis Is Not Enough

    This event occurred approximately 2.4 billion years ago. The oxygen content of Earth’s atmosphere rose from just one thousandth of a percent (10-5) of its present level (about 21 percent of the … more

  • Creation vs. Evolution: Why a Model Is Essential

    One of the most frequent complaints scientists make about the Intelligent Design movement is that their brand of intelligent design is not testable, falsifiable, or predictive. This brand lacks these … more

  • Evolution as Mythology, Part 5 (of 5): Conclusion

    The four previous articles in this series have shown that the theory of evolution is more like a creation myth than a scientific theory. A myth may be true or false, but its principle characteristic … more

  • Evolution Loses Its Equilibrium

    Punctuated equilibrium doesn’t have a viable mechanism

    This past Thanksgiving, my family and I (along with some good friends) rode down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon on mules. That night we … more

  • Evolution Loses Its Direction

    Fossil evidence reveals that evolutionary change is seldom directional.

    As a parent, one of my biggest concerns is that my children have a direction for their lives. I don’t want them to waste … more

  • Biology’s Big Bangs

    My wife loves to garden. She gets the most pleasure from designing the landscape around our house. Since we have lived in our home, she has reworked the gardens in our yard several times. These … more

  • Evidence Favoring RTB’s Speciation Model

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    A team of European and American conservation biologists has developed the most powerful and comprehensive field evidence to date for a major tenet … more

  • Bacteria's Long Reign

    Why do stars twinkle? Why does God sometimes seem silent? Some “why” questions are more elusive than others.

    When presented with RTB’s biblical creation model people often ask, … more

  • Extinct Shell Fish Speaks Today

    A recent study of Isoxys (marine crustacean) fossils from the Maotianshan Shale of China provides important new evidence for creation. The study reveals that a complex and expansive ecology existed in … more

  • Marine Body Sizes Add Weight to Creation Model

    Evolution predicts change over time, not stasis; so researchers continue to search for an organism that shows significant evolutionary change. A recent analysis of marine creatures, however, revealed … more

  • Whale Ankles- No Support for Neodarwinism

    Proponents of gradualism often trot out so-called “transitional” whale fossils as evidence supporting their view.1, 2 In my book, The Genesis Question, I explain why no other animal has a … more

  • Cambrian Flash

    From two independent teams of paleontologists working in Yunnan, China, comes powerful support for the creation model and at the same time comes further serious challenge to the naturalistic model for … more

  • Mutations Exceed Expectations

    by Dr. Hugh Ross assisted by Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez

    Ironically, modern "advances" could serve to hasten humanity's demise.

    For the first time, geneticists have measured the proportion of harmful … more