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TCM - Life's Origin

  • Putting Creation to the Test

    Reasons to Believe stands on the assertion that biblical statements about God’s creative activity can be subjected to experimental validation, just as any scientific hypothesis would be. … more

  • Oldest Signs of Life Found

    You might have seen-, Oldest signs of life on Earth found, more

  • DNA and Proteins' Excellent Adventure

    Perhaps you remember this scene from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure:

    Bill: The truth is, Wyld Stallyns will never be a super band until we have Eddie Van Halen on guitar.

    Ted: Yes, Bill. … more

  • Does New Approach Solve Origin-of-Life Problem?

    How Did Life Begin?

    Even though the scientific community has worked diligently since the early 1950s to explain how life originated via evolutionary processes, “It would not be an exaggeration … more

  • Evaluating the Origin of Information

    Starting an article is always the hardest step for me. As I sat at my desk just now, staring at a blank screen, I hoped that a thoughtful composition would magically materialize before my eyes.

    I … more

  • Money for Origin of Life

    You might have seen MSNBC, Scientists are challenged to find the origin of life, June 27, 2012; … more

  • Origin of life in pumice

    BBC News, "Volcanic rock rafts 'could have been cradles of life'" Sep 02, 2011; more

  • Experiencing How Early Life Lived

    New Discovery Affirms RTB Model Predictions

    Even though I’m a budget-hotel kinda guy, occasionally I splurge and stay in a really nice place. It’s fun to get a chance to experience … more

  • Rare Solar System Location

    The solar system’s current position (in between two nearby exceptionally symmetrical and widely separated spiral arms that are devoid of any significant spurs or feathers) keeps the solar … more

  • Too Much Sulfur

    Sulfur plays a crucial role in life chemistry. This fact became personal for me a year ago when I was diagnosed as sulfur deficient. Many protein functions crucially depend on sulfur. Fortunately, … more

  • Acid Rain Polluted Early Earth

    New Research Indicates Early Earth Conditions Were Too Harsh for Life’s Origin

    Since the onset of the Industrial Revolution, acid rain has been an environmental problem. Industrial processes … more

  • Creation vs. Evolution: Why a Model Is Essential

    One of the most frequent complaints scientists make about the Intelligent Design movement is that their brand of intelligent design is not testable, falsifiable, or predictive. This brand lacks these … more