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  • Why Skiers Can Be Thankful for Bacteria

    I was 12 years old when I first learned to ski. Our family was visiting relatives in Washington for Christmas, and after a good snow the previous day, my sisters, cousins, and I headed for the slopes. … more

  • Zika Virus in the News

    With Zika virus featuring so prominently in the news, there is a growing concern among people about its rapid spread. And with its connections to harmful disorders like microcephaly, some are asking … more

  • How Milk and Bacteria Help Us Grow

    When I was a kid I didn’t like milk much—unless it was chocolate. I have no idea how many times I heard my mother say, “Drink your milk; it’s good for you. It will give you … more

  • Are Evolutionists Lowering the Standard of Life?

    One of my pet peeves is when people endow viruses and cells with anthropomorphic abilities and characteristics. I used to tell my students at the University of Virginia how imprecise and unscientific … more

  • TNRTB Classic: Increased Oxygen

    Earth experienced many events that brought it to the brink of becoming a barren wasteland. Two dramatic increases in the atmospheric oxygen content (2.5 and 0.8 billion years ago, respectively) … more

  • First Plants Bring Major Climate Change

    Is animal death a good thing? Most would say no—especially when death involves something dear to us like cats, dogs, or Bambi. The Bible paints a different picture, one in which death is simply … more

  • AVATAR: a New Hope?

    Avatar, the movie released just a few weeks ago, already ranks as the second highest earning movie of all time and may exceed the current record holder, Titanic, within a few more weeks. Two aspects … more

  • The Shrimp Eyes Have It

    Louis Armstrong was one of the most influential jazz musicians of all time. His style of singing and playing shifted the focus of jazz from collective improvisation to solo performances. In … more

  • Flightless Birds Run Down Evolution

    Newly Discovered Example of Convergence Challenges Biological Evolution

    Lately, my wife has had trouble hanging onto cell phones. Within the span of two weeks she lost not one cell phone, but two. … more

  • Where Did Earth Get Its Phosphorus?

    Phosphates serve as the backbone for all nucleic acids and are the major repository of chemical energy for metabolism. The human body contains about 11,000 parts per million of phosphorus by weight. … more

  • Too Much Sulfur

    Sulfur plays a crucial role in life chemistry. This fact became personal for me a year ago when I was diagnosed as sulfur deficient. Many protein functions crucially depend on sulfur. Fortunately, … more

  • Creation vs. Evolution: Why a Model Is Essential

    One of the most frequent complaints scientists make about the Intelligent Design movement is that their brand of intelligent design is not testable, falsifiable, or predictive. This brand lacks these … more

  • Humpback Whale Fins: Fresh Evidence for Design

        I remember being taught as a child that the humpback whale must be an accident of nature. The weird bumps along the leading edge of the humpback’s flippers (or fins) seemed to … more

  • Rare Earth Confirmed

    A couple of months ago I discussed an upgrade to the Arecibo Radio Telescope that would make it more effective for searching for intelligent life in outer space (SETI). That article included … more

  • Designed to Live, Designed to Die

    "Why don't we see new species emerging now?" Charles Darwin faced this question nearly 150 years ago when he proposed the theory of evolution. His answer–all Earth's habitats are full.

    Whether … more

  • Ask the Animals and They Will Teach You

    Geckos and Mussels Inspire New Wet/Dry Adhesive

    The Bible declares that nature reveals God’s workmanship from the beasts of the fields to the stars of the sky. Job implores, “But ask the … more