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  • Why Shorter Life Spans?

    None of the explanations offered in the accompanying article imply that God randomly selected the life span of early humans or that He simply reacted to natural disasters in shortening human life. … more

  • DNA Study Cuts Link with the Past

    The slender thread of hope held by paleontologists and anthropologists for establishing a link between Neanderthals and modern humans has been severed at last. This conclusion comes from studies … more

  • Wheat Tells a Story of Beginnings

    DNA “fingerprinting” helps with investigations beyond the criminal courtroom. In one recent case, this research technique was applied to the study of agriculture’s origin, and the … more

  • Arts Own Big Bang Affirms Special Creation

    If the naturalists and Darwinists were right about the evolution of humankind, we would expect both the quantity and quality of human artwork to increase gradually over time. New research, however, … more

  • Eve's Secret to Growing Younger

    by Dr. Hugh Ross and Sam Conner

    A new discovery about a genetic phenomenon called "heteroplasmy" revises the date for our oldest female ancestor, Eve.(1) Previous research on mitochondrial DNA (the … more

  • Chromosome Study Stuns Evolutionists

    A new study by evolutionary biologists Robert Dorit (Yale), Hiroshi Akashi (University of Chicago), and Walter Gilbert (Harvard) flies in the face of prevailing origin-of-man scenarios. l-2 In an … more