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  • You Want To Date A Neanderthal? Absolutely Not!

    Latest Genetic Evidence Indicates No Interbreeding between Neanderthals and Humans

    I don't want my teenage daughters to date Neanderthals. Apparently, the first human fathers didn't like the idea … more

  • Human Parasites Teach History

    Next time you find lice in your child's hair or the doctor tells you you've got a tapeworm








    X-NONE … more

  • Humanity Arrives at the Just Right Time

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    As scientists discuss ways to mitigate greenhouse warming, their possible solutions highlight the fine-tuning of humanity’s arrival on Earth. … more

  • Timing of Humanity Fine-tuned

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    New understanding of tiny airborne particles’ effects on cloud cover buttresses the prediction of RTB’s cosmic creation model for an … more

  • Why Aren't There Any 900-Year Old Human Fossils?

    "You don't really believe that humans lived to be 900 years old, do you?" A well-known local atheist posed this question last spring (2005) when I spoke in Albany, New York. For many skeptics the long … more

  • Agriculture's Origin Fits RTB Human Origins Model

    Did Adam and Eve really exist? Some people say no. They view the biblical account of humanity's beginning as mythical. However, recent scientific advances substantiate the historicity of the biblical … more

  • New Clues to a Genesis Mystery

    Medical doctors say if you live long enough you'll probably get cancer. Cancer is one reason why none of us can live much beyond 120 years.1 How is it possible, then, that humans (before Noah) could … more

  • Human Curiosity as Evidence for God

    Why do human beings ask why? Does this driving curiosity simply reflect humans' intellectual superiority? According to evolutionary theory, the distinctions between humans and other species are … more

  • New Date for First Aussies

    It may seem so, or at least it did a few years ago. The RTB creation model places the creation of humanity at roughly 50,000 years ago, with the spread of peoples and civilization outward from … more

  • Did Neanderthals and Humans Interbreed?

    Despite compelling evidence,1 a minority of paleoanthropologists still believe (as do some Christians) that Neanderthals made a genetic contribution to modern humans through interbreeding. If … more

  • Equipped for High-Tech Society

    Human beings seem vastly "over-endowed" for hunter-gatherer or agrarian existence. For tens of thousands of years humanity carried intellectual capacities that offered no discernable advantage. From a … more

  • Diseases Follow Human Origin and Spread

    Some Christians perceive that scientific advance affirms evolution and negates biblical creation. But in reality, scientists investigating humanity’s origin have made no discoveries that … more

  • Neanderthal-to-Human Link Severed

    Over the last five years, astonishing advances in ancient-DNA analysis have provided remarkable insight into Neanderthal genetics. As a result, the evolutionary connection between humans and … more

  • Toumai Man Offers Evolutionists No Hope

    This discovery is just “the tip of [the] iceberg—one that could sink our current ideas about human evolution.”1  Science writer John Whitfield typifies the reaction of … more

  • A Fashionable Find

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. What about necklace beads made from seashells? A study conducted by anthropologists indicates that seashell beads were the rage near the time modern humans … more