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  • Junk DNA: A Problem for the Evolutionary Paradigm?

    New Discoveries Raise Questions about Molecular Evolution

    One of the most significant challenges to the Christian faith comes from the problem of evil. If God is all-powerful, all-knowing and … more

  • Junk DNA Regulates Gene Expression

    unk DNA Plays an Important Role in Development

    My wife enjoys looking for antiques (and, to my horror, buying them.) For Amy, antiques are priceless treasures. From my standpoint, these relics from … more

  • Overlapping Genes Evince Intelligent Design

    DNA Researchers Uncover Evidence that Overlapping Genes Are Widespread in Mammal Genomes

    I have never cared much for puzzles, but I know some people can't get enough of them. (Although admittedly, … more

  • More on the Nucleoskeletal Hypothesis

    Study of Sexual Parasite Reveals Function for Junk DNA

    Cell biologists believe that in addition to housing genetic information, DNA plays a skeletal role in the nucleus; the more DNA in the nucleus, … more

  • Are Pseudogenes Junk?

    Evolutionary biologists regard “junk” DNA as one of the most potent pieces of evidence for biological evolution. Often identical (or nearly identical) segments of junk DNA occur in a wide … more

  • Biochemists Ask, "How Low Can Life Go?"

    "How low can you go?" This familiar call challenges limbo dancers to maneuver their way under a stick held ever closer to the ground. Some biochemists have taken part in a stick dance of their own. … more

  • New Clues to a Genesis Mystery

    The biblical record of patriarchs who lived 900+ years has raised questions and doubts for centuries. In the context of current life expectancy (which places me on the brink of “senior … more

  • Mutations Exceed Expectations

    by Dr. Hugh Ross assisted by Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez

    Ironically, modern "advances" could serve to hasten humanity's demise.

    For the first time, geneticists have measured the proportion of harmful … more