Reasons to Believe

String Theory

  • Multiverse Musings - The LHC and Extra Dimensions

    A team of particle physicists hope to soon being operation of the most powerful man-made particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Although much press has focused on scientists who claim … more

  • The Difficulties of Testing String Theory

    “Test everything. Hold on to the good.” This biblical passage underscores a central principle of the scientific enterprise. Any successful model must undergo testing that will either … more

  • Higher Dimensions

    Where the reader gets to explore the strange effects that could occur when moving beyond the three spatial dimensions in which we live. Unlike time travel, however, there is a possibility that higher … more

  • Do Infinite Universes Explain the Fine-Tuning?

    The truth of the previous statement relies on (at least) two conditions. First, the monkey must actually use all the keys in a random fashion. Second, but more important, the keyboard must contain all … more

  • Black Holes Provide More Evidence for Strings

    The significance of string theory is that if it or some other multi-space-dimensional theory of physics accurately describes physical reality, then religions that insist on a doctrinal construct of … more

  • Cosmic Brane Scans

    As physicians use scanning devices to view the hidden structures and activities of the brain, astronomers can now use distant supernovae and high-resolution cosmic background radiation maps to scan … more

  • Black Holes, Singularities, and Wormholes

    From a realistic rather than science fiction perspective, the wormhole question is moot. Since black holes are relatively rare, the probability that the singularities of two spatially distant black … more