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Speciation Events

  • Mixotrophs - An Evolutionary "Nice Try"

    Amid all the celebration last year over the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of his most famous book, On the Origin of Species,1 I heard little or no mention … more

  • Extinction Risks and Speciation Models

    When human beings first arrived on the terrestrial scene, more than 8,000 species of mammals and more than 21,000 species of birds existed. Today, the number of extant species of mammals stands at … more

  • Where Did Earth Get Its Phosphorus?

    Phosphates serve as the backbone for all nucleic acids and are the major repository of chemical energy for metabolism. The human body contains about 11,000 parts per million of phosphorus by weight. … more

  • Photosynthesis Is Not Enough

    This event occurred approximately 2.4 billion years ago. The oxygen content of Earth’s atmosphere rose from just one thousandth of a percent (10-5) of its present level (about 21 percent of the … more

  • Evolution as Mythology, Part 5 (of 5): Conclusion

    The four previous articles in this series have shown that the theory of evolution is more like a creation myth than a scientific theory. A myth may be true or false, but its principle characteristic … more

  • Evolution Loses Its Equilibrium

    Punctuated equilibrium doesn’t have a viable mechanism

    This past Thanksgiving, my family and I (along with some good friends) rode down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon on mules. That night we … more

  • Evolution Loses Its Direction

    Fossil evidence reveals that evolutionary change is seldom directional.

    As a parent, one of my biggest concerns is that my children have a direction for their lives. I don’t want them to waste … more

  • Designed to Live, Designed to Die

    "Why don't we see new species emerging now?" Charles Darwin faced this question nearly 150 years ago when he proposed the theory of evolution. His answer–all Earth's habitats are full.

    Whether … more

  • Biology’s Big Bangs

    My wife loves to garden. She gets the most pleasure from designing the landscape around our house. Since we have lived in our home, she has reworked the gardens in our yard several times. These … more

  • Ode to Oxygen

    My seventh-grade science teacher asked the class to list “the three most essential needs of human life.” The “correct” answer—water, food, and sleep—illustrates how … more

  • Oxygen Rises Just Before Life Arrives

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    Deep-sea sediments support the assertion of RTB’s creation model that a supernatural Designer transformed Earth from an uninhabitable state to … more

  • Don't Flinch Over the Finches

    A new study of Charles Darwin's famed finches on one of the Galapagos Islands appears at first glance to be a triumph for evolution. Biologists Peter and Rosemary Grant report in the July 14 issue of … more