Reasons to Believe

Scientific Evidence for an Old Earth

  • Creationism or Science?

    A recent article in Science discusses the difficult spiritual journey of Stephen Godfrey. Raised in a strong, Bible-believing home, Godfrey showed great aptitude for both science (particularly biology … more

  • Most Accurate Distances Shore Up Creation History

    Opponents of big bang cosmology, both atheists and young-earth creationists, frequently attempt to push aside very compelling and overwhelming physical evidence in favor of this biblically predicted … more

  • White Dwarfs Deliver Better Creation History

    A window that enables astronomers to rigorously test the biblically predicted big bang creation model. 1Thanks to a new set of measurements on burnt out stars—known as white dwarfs—that … more

  • Ice Cores Reveal History

    I received a cordless drill for Christmas last year. Many of its features make my around-the-home projects far easier to accomplish: two batteries (one recharges while I use the other), a keyless … more

  • Old-Earth Creationism: A Heretical Belief?

    Ken Ham is an ardent young-earth creationist. As president of Answers in Genesis, he generates a steady stream of articles critiquing the old-earth view. Although I disagree with most of his … more

  • A New Kind of Star Solves an Old Problem

    The same is true for astronomers. Only rarely do they discover a new kind of star that is unlike any they have seen before. When they do make such a discovery, however, it typically reveals new … more

  • Ancient Ice Cores to Reveal Climate, Age

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    An international team of geologists has embarked on an epic project in a remote part of Antarctica that promises to provide important historical … more

  • Beryllium as a Cosmic Chronometer

    TNRT Archive - Retained for reference information

    Measurements of an element in early stars taken by a team of international astronomers further buttress a key point of RTB’s cosmic creation … more

  • Antarctic and Greenland Ice Core Dates Match

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    Studies of ice cores affirm the antiquity of Earth and pose a serious challenge to young-earth models. Layers in ice cores (cylinders of ice removed … more

  • Witnessing Star Formation

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    Recent radio observations have improved scientists' understanding of star formation, affirming part of RTB’s creation model. Stars form when … more

  • More-Precise Dates Provide More-Detailed Picture

    TNRTB Archive - Retain for reference information

    Recent advances in dating technology have given earth scientists a much-more-detailed picture of Earth’s history—one that can be used to … more

  • Erosion Rates Match Radioisotope Dates

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    Analysis of several new dating techniques provides consistent results, arguing that Earth is indeed older than 10,000 years. Dating techniques using … more

  • HUDF Confirms Universe is Aging

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    The most sensitive optical picture ever taken of the universe strengthens the idea that the universe indeed had a beginning (and thus a Beginner). … more