Reasons to Believe

Scientific Evidence for an Old Earth

  • Do Big Changes Mean Bad Science?

    Which change is more significant: tripling a number or increasing a number by 0.04 percent. If you guessed tripling a number, your answer probably matches the replies of the vast majority of people. … more

  • Using Osmium to Measure the Milky Way's Age

    I received this email the other day.

    I'm writing this with tears in my eyes, my family and i came down here to London, England for a short vacation to visit a resort and got mugged at gun point last … more

  • Using Gravitational Lenses to Date the Universe

    When writing to the Corinthians, Paul exhorts them that “every fact is to be confirmed by the testimony of two or three witnesses”. Although Paul’s advice was spoken in a more … more

  • Old Tree Gives New Evidence for OEC

    As I approached the hill’s summit, the rock outcropping came into view. It was the reported that an ice age artifact could be found here in the Jurupa Hills of Rubidoux, California. A few more … more

  • Creation of the First Stars

    Scientific evidence for the biblically predicted big bang creation model1 is both overwhelming and compelling. In fact, astronomers have been able to identify a very specific big bang creation model … more

  • Tool to Potentially Measure the Oort Cloud

    Comets inspire a sense of awe in most people. I remember vividly witnessing the comet Hyakutake (pictured below on the left with comet Hale-Bopp on the right) as it passed through the inner solar … more

  • Introduction to the Creation-Date Debate

    There are a wide variety of types of creationists in Christianity. By types we mean different interpretations of the days in Genesis. Two overarching views are young-earth and old-earth creationism. … more

  • Cool Discoveries 1

    1. Most Distant Gamma-ray Burst

    One aspect of my research in gamma-ray astronomy involved looking for very high-energy gamma rays associated with gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). These events rank as the … more

  • A Dark Galaxy: Finding the "Missing" Dark Stuff

    Many independent sets of observations confirm that only about six percent of all the ordinary matter (neutrons and protons) in the universe is made up of stars and stellar remnants.1The other 94 … more

  • Antarctica and North America Once Connected

    From a biblical perspective, the advent of continents plays a critical role in God’s transformation of Earth from “formless and void” to an environment teeming with diverse … more

  • Grand Canyon Formed over Millions of Years

    So exclaimed my then five-year-old son as our car approached the south rim of the Grand Canyon. His reaction echoes the sentiments of most people witnessing the grandeur of this natural wonder for the … more