Reasons to Believe


  • Christ's Cross: Its Fourfold Distinctive Meaning

    At the very heart of historic Christianity stands a cross. The Gospel message is that God brought forth redemption from sin through the crucifixion of his Son (Colossians 1:19–20). The cross … more

  • A Take Two Christmas

    O Christmas Tree!

    Used in both secular and religious festivities, Christmas trees have become a ubiquitous holiday symbol. (The modern Christmas tree originated in sixteenth-century Germany.) … more

  • How Can I Get To Heaven?

     Most people want to go to heaven, hope to go to heaven. But does anyone really know for sure how to get there?

    Popular opinion suggests that most people automatically go to heaven because … more

  • On Becoming a Christian

    When Jesus of Nazareth's earthly friends asked Him to make clear the path to an eternal relationship with God, He did not give them a list of rules to keep or words to say or works to perform. Rather, … more

  • What Makes the Christian God Unique?

    Though I had many fine students over the years and lots of provocative discussions in and outside the classroom, one particular exchange with two students stands out in my memory. This dialogue … more

  • The Physics of Sin

    "I never loved my wife. Don't I deserve to be happy?" "I needed that money more than he did, so it's okay that I took it. Besides, he owes me for the time when…" Justification for sin comes … more

  • God's Mercy in Death

    1) the righteous (those submitted to God—all evil deeds are erased and forgotten and their reward is based on good deeds alone; 2) the wicked (those who are rebellious—all good deeds are … more