Reasons to Believe

Primordial Soup

  • Carbon Monoxide Kills Hopes for Primordial Soup

    Carbon monoxide (CO), a toxic gas that quickly causes death, is the ironic focus of a recent attempt by some researchers to resuscitate ailing naturalistic explanations for life’s origin. … more

  • Biotic Borders: Cell Membranes Under Scrutiny

    Although the Piscataqua River forms a natural boundary between Maine and New Hampshire, these two states have disputed the exact location of their border for the last 260 years. Maine contends that … more

  • Sea Vents Closed as Life-Origin Site

    A mile and a half down, beyond the reach of sunlight, volcanic geysers spew 400°C water into the oceans. Life teems around these deep, hidden vents—pink sea cucumbers, eyeless shrimp, … more

  • Interstellar Rocks Miss the Mark

    by Roger Wiens

    Where, when, and how did life originate? Answers to these questions prove more elusive than ever to the science community—specifically to those who demand a naturalistic answer. … more

  • Water on Mars: What Does It Mean?

    On June 22, NASA astronomers held a press conference to announce their discovery of “recently” cut gullies, indicators of flowing water, on the Martian surface.1, 2 The discovery stirred … more

  • Astrology: Help, Hoax, or Harm?

    How can I make such a strong statement? Consider the following points: Astrology

    bases horoscopes on the moment of birth, not the moment of conception when, in fact, one's genetic characteristics … more